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In My Cart What I Wish I Wore in College Top

Neither my mental barriers about investing in quality over quantity nor my emotional barriers when it comes to accepting my taste in college are a secret. But smash those two things together in a small town and apply the pressure of my minimum wage college job and we’re looking at something more troubling than the sum of its part: piles and piles of bad clothes.

It confuses and disturbs me now, upon reflection, that I have only a couple items in my closet from those years. Especially considering I graduated as recently as two (five) years ago. So many going out tops and poorly constructed sweaters are in a landfill somewhere, dusted with a sparkly mixture of Pirate’s Booty remnants and my DNA. Sorry, Earth. I’ll do better in my next life.

But would I? Here’s what I’d put in my cart today if I got to do a retroactive college closet redo. It’s almost fall! New beginnings! New semester! A gal can dream.

To go to class…

In My Cart What I Wish I Wore in College To Class

I’d save up all year to invest in a nice sweater like this Max Mara one. A sweater I could wear over and over (x 7,000) and not once have it lose its shape.

I’d pair it with a faded but sturdy pair of slouchy jeans that were meant to fit that way — as opposed to an old cheap pair sized up and worn out completely by Christmas.

Slippers and a bag, both in a versatile soft brown leather. Missing from both: funky (or quirky!) adornments and HOLES.

To hang out with my roommates…

In My Cart What I Wish I Wore in College Hanging Out

As many baggy jumpsuits as I can find will do. They’ll be perfect for binge-eating peanut M&Ms with my roommates while marathoning Intervention.

These hi-top white converse and an Everlane backpack and maybe some psycho pearl catty Adam Selman x Le Spec shades with lenses that look like an LSD sunset for when we need more snacks from the grocery store and want to make an impression.

What we won’t buy from the grocery store is $5 imitation Vans sneakers made from basically cardboard. Nope! (Yes, I had like six of those.)

To meet my friends for dinner…

In My Cart What I Wish I Wore in College Out For Beer

A forgiving pair of pants sure to see my body through its “collegiate changes” (see: peanut M&Ms) and also make me feel cool.

A pair of loafers nice enough for Angelina Jolie (seriously) might actually last me longer than a single semester.

Would this frayed denim top make me seem more fun than, say, a polyester halter top?

How about this bag? It’s almost like I didn’t steal an ugly one from my mom’s donation pile back in 1876 and wear it for several consecutive years.

And lastly, a Peace Treaty scarf for my neck so my head doesn’t fall off from spinning around my new wardrobe like a lunatic.

Collages by Emily Zirimis.


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