All the Coats You Put off Buying Are on Sale Now

Thanks to the generous gift of 60-degree temperatures that El Niño/global warming/good karma bequeathed us last December, there was no need to invest in a new coat. Why spend $2,000 on a fancy shearling you can’t wear when there are sparkly tights and party suits to partake in? But, in a rather cruel conjunction with the first week back to work after the holidays, that brief window of premature spring is over and it’s cold as balls in New York City right now. Don’t blame me if that saying does not even make sense — the language center of my brain froze on the way to work this morning, and has not yet completely thawed.

On the upside, all that delaying of the inevitable has beautifully aligned with sale season, and suddenly every bit of outerwear you passed on four weeks ago is deeply marked down. Consider this your road map to finding the best option for a wondrous winter experience.

First up, colorful fur.

Do you like rainbows? Fluffy things? Then you should probably watch some old Popple episodes on YouTube. When you’re done with that, though, this fruit bowl of options will give you the warm fuzzies on bone-chilling days (literally, ahaha):

Or you could just walk around in a giant blanket.

Maybe not that same one you slept under — unless, of course, the only commute on your schedule is from your bed-nest to the fridge, you lucky dog, you. Otherwise, a few upgrades worth trying:

Have fun with fleece.

When there’s cool alliteration involved, you just know it’s going to be good. Best of all these are so thick and cuddly you don’t really need many extra layers underneath for results (although if you want to pile them on, by all means…):

Embrace the wrap.

Or, better put, just let the wrap embrace you. Without any zippers or buttons or horn toggles to fumble around with, it will become your best bud on the sort of incoherent early mornings you put your underwear on backwards and don’t realize it until your third bathroom trip of the day.

You’re welcome.

Now that you’ve got that covered, let’s work on your turtleneck hair game. We’ve got a tutorial to help.

Collages by Emily Zirimis


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