Clothing of THE FUTURE!

I have my Facebook feed to thank for 32% of the Best of the Internet fodder that eventually appears here. Most recently, my cousin posted a link from Mental Floss that included a video from 1939 titled “Clothing of the Future.” In it, designers speculated what clothing might look like in the futuristic epoque of a year that now seems indispensably retro: 2000.

Though the fashion was, dare I even say intuitive and not all that out of touch with reality (Jean Paul Gautier has been doing cone boobs since Madonna was a virgin) save for a hair flash light meant to help a woman locate the good quality suitors but then again…), it was also comedic, if only because the subject matter offers a disconnected respite from the narrator’s endearing but deadpan mid-Atlantic accent.

And as for the supposition that there will no skirts at all (gasp, gasp), mmhmm.

[What 1939 Though 2000 Fashion Would Look Like via Mental Floss]

  • Nat Way

    Well they were right about the inverted heel!

  • *Oh* swiiish. I am dying.

  • Emily

    OOHH Swish!! My favorite part! Haha

  • Jackie @ Kleiden drew

    Was Candy for Cuties code for Molly? Could they have known?? WTF? I’d like gentleman to carry a real candy dispenser with Skittles. We really haven’t advanced, have we? Whatev

  • Very Cool. I was totally on board with the first two or three looks.