Cinderella + Beyoncé = Cinderoncé > Everything
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Dearest Readers,

It is with great pleasure we present to you what is perhaps the most magnificent thing to ever cross our eyes and ears: the classic story of Cinderella, as told through the vocal masterpieces of Mrs. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter.

Many a pop-starred cast have attempted to fill the glass slippers of the Brothers Grimm cum Disney classic, from Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella featuring Whitney Houston and Brandy (aka Moesha) to the highly saccharine version featuring Hilary Duff and the NOW! This Is What I Call Music ’04 soundtrack (and Chad Michael Murray! <3).

But none have come close to this:

Bey isn’t in it but her words alone quite literally do all the talking, even if she is singing. It’s a work of pure genius that “Countdown” leads up to the ominous stroke of Midnight, and Glee’s Ryan Murphy probably sobbed that his team didn’t think of the harmony between “1+1” and “Hello” first.

Todrick Hall, we give you major snaps for the directorial creativeness but the conspiracy theorist in me has to wonder…did Beyoncé have this planned all along?

[Cinderoncé by Todrick Hall]

  • I saw this video via Glamor Mag. Genius!! – Andrea Fernandez

  • Brie

    you need to watch the mean gurlz one!! boo hoe.

  • Maria Inês Ribeiro

    OMG THIS IS HILARIOUS! CAN’T STOP WATCHING! (sorry for my excitment)

  • Sharon

    This is absolute genius! Enjoyed every second of this video

  • CC

    You discovered Todrick Hall! You should check out his other videos while you’re at it, he is hilarious and very creative. Very talented too.