All The Cool Kids (and MANGO!) at The CFDA Awards Last Night

Sometimes I forget that fashion is as much a community as any other proclaimed congregation, but the annual CFDA Awards are always quick to remind me.

Maybe that’s because on the heels of the Met Ball, when so much fashion is dispensed from a seemingly impenetrable distance and then pulled back in, to see the women who dropped our jaws there, do it again here with perhaps a little more swagger just by simple virtue of existing in a more concentrated fashion setting, makes you kind of feel, I don’t know, like they’re your friends.

There was Lupita in Suno and Solange with her inimitable hair and fringe, and, of course, there was Rihanna with her nipples and her glittering head and such morsels of wisdom delivered through her endearing half-lost, half-retained accent, like, “fashion was always my defense mechanism — at school, she beat me, but she could never beat my outfit.”

Anna Wintour delivered a decidedly precise definition of that which makes a style icon when she said, “I’m here to talk about the way Rihanna communicates through fashion because, of course that is what style icons do. They tell captivating stories about the world they live in through clothes.”

John Waters, the host for the night, came and went delivering charm and emphatic wit and divine appreciation for an industry that has effectively only existed because of a handful of the people in last night’s room. He begged such important questions as, who will be the first to create a coat more expensive than a house? A sweater more costly than a yacht? — and then urged the designers in the room to allow their customers to “break the glass ceiling.”

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen won an award for best accessory design while Joseph Altuzarra took home the womenswear award of the year. Public School took home menswear and when Tom Ford went up to the podium to receive his lifetime achievement award, he promised us he’d be back in twenty years wearing a toupee and walking with a cane.

Raf Simons hugged the entire audience with sincerity and tears after Christian Dior CEO, Sidney Toledano astutely compared the prolific designer to a gardener. Bethann Hardison, widely known for diversifying fashion week, delivered some very, very important advice when she said, “You can change things. You might have to put your foot to petal, but you can change things,” and by night’s end, it was more or less official: fashion is a family.

So act like a big sister, will you, and tell us who you think looked good, great, and breathtaking.

Also, Mango!

  • Kristen

    That video is EVERYTHING

  • Lauren

    Leandra, how come you never covered any of the events of Bethann Hardison and the diversity coalition on your blog?
    I assumed that you would, being that her hard work and influence became milestone for minorities in the industry and mostly because it pertains to fashion.

  • ee_by_cc

    There is only Mango. You can’t have the Mango!

  • GapToothedGirl

    What a wonderful occasion!! I’d love to see what happened behind the curtains!!

    XOX, Gap.

  • reversecommuter

    First of all Leandra, that pastel rainbow of Rosie Assoulin gorgeousness you had on last night was everything!
    LOVED that Aquazzura and Dior’s Raf and The Olsen’s Row accessories were given some major love.
    Hope you had a stellar evening!

  • Accademia di Moda

    LOVE Blake Lively’s look! She’s looks stunning in her gold dress, blush-pink heels and cute headband!!

  • MANGO!!! also rihanna… truly iconic. she absolutely nailed it, the night was hers

  • Electrikeddie

    Jessica Stam in a Giulietta jumpsuit is my favorite! Elegant and easy.

  • Guest

    ugh your outfit. its like god dressed you. PERFECT.

  • ugh your outfit! its like G-D dressed you. PERFECT

  • Lauren

    But I’m actually not trying to shame her honesty. I’m just surprised that she’s never heard of it, given the amount of coverage it has recieved. Also, I actually don’t remember asking you for a response. Please keep that in mind the next time you want to assume that you know what i’m trying to do.

  • The Olsen twins are our favorite! Everybody looks so chic. So many great statement pieces…

  • maud.schellekens

    So cool!

    XOXO Maud


  • Yaffa

    Love the video