Five Things to Get You Over the Hump

I don’t know about you, but my brain feels like a puddle of egg yolk and my heart hurts from being broken by Bianca Jagger’s impeccable style. Luckily, the Internet was good to us today. Let it be the toast for your fashion-month brain scramble, the Band-Aid for your heart, and the disco ball of news to get you over this Wednesday hump.

A Rihanna Documentary is Coming to a Screen Near You

Sources indicate that Lone Survivor director Peter Berg was so inspired by our Ode to Rihanna, he decided to produce a documentary about Instagram’s favorite artist. The film is said to be “much more a character study than a music film.” And although a release date has yet to be confirmed, this is still the best news eva, eva, eva, ey.



Kanye West’s Awesome Song to Kim Kardashian 

Westashian pandemonium continues with the release of Kanye West’s ode to Kim Kardashian. The track was originally performed at the 2013 Met Ball, but now those of us whose invitations got lost in the mail can loop “Awesome” while lamenting on the gaping hole in our lives that is someone who autotunes their love for us. Stream it here while reading a sampling of the lyrics below:

Cause baby, you’re awesome
So awesome
You look too good to be at work
You feel too good to ever hurt
I hope you ready for tonight
I’m gon’ cook, you’ll be dessert


Jon Stewart Can’t Get Enough of Broad City 

We’d like to thank Jon Stewart for thanking Abbi and Ilana for bringing joy to the world. Our sentiments exactly, Jon. The Broad City creators visited The Daily Show and exuded all of the charm and hilarity we’ve come to love them for. *YES QUEEN*


Your Texts Sound Better in Drake

The Drizzy app is about to make breaking up, making up, and communicating with your building super a lot more efficient. The app uses a “Drake keyboard” to translate your text messages into Drakian. Users choose from five categories of emotion: random, feels, hustle, exes, and hate, and then a suitable Drake quote pops on screen. So go ahead and finally tell your roommate:

Tables turn, bridges burn, you live and you learn


If she doesn’t get you then she never got you.


Uniqlo and Christophe Lemaire to Collaborate

Good golly goose eggs! Former Hermès creative director Christophe Lemaire and his design partner Sarah-Linh Tran will collaborate with Uniqlo on a clothing line that’s set to arrive in stores this fall. The collection will include “creative, comfortable everyday garments.” Cashmere track suit anyone?



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