Celebrating Lou Reed with ‘Sweet Jane’

Music fans are mourning the loss of a legend today: Lou Reed died at age 71. Known for both his solo career and the music he created with The Velvet Underground, Reed’s influence extends past the industry he shook up and into the lives of everyone who has since donned a pair of headphones and hit play.

I’ll never forget the time I heard “Sweet Jane.” I was having one of those moments where you feel like you’re in a movie. A bunch of friends and I were driving in a car to Santa Barbara with the windows down and feet were pressing toes into the dashboard and someone in the backseat was asleep with their mouth open. This song came on and I did that stupid thing where you stick your hand outside to make waves on the wind, and when I caught my own reflection in the rear view mirror I should have looked away but instead, I smiled. Life is too good when this song is playing.

In his honor — and because it can’t ever get old — let’s hear it for “Sweet Jane.”

Now it’s your turn — what’s your favorite Lou Reed song?

[Rock Legend Lou Reed Dies at 71 via CNN]

  • evie

    and in that moment, I swear we were infinite (had to do it)

    • Amelia Diamond

      hahaha totally though.

  • Sarah

    oh! sweet nothing

  • Clare

    Perfect Day, it gets me every time.

  • Costume De Rigueur

    Sweeter than wine
    Softer than a summer’s night
    Everything I want, I have
    Whenever I hold you tight

    This magic moment,
    While your lips are close to mine,
    Will last forever,
    Forever, ’til the end of time

    So why won’t you dance with me?
    Why won’t you dance with me?



  • deb

    Nice tribute. . .Air Wave to you MR!

  • Perfect Day.

  • Petra

    Anything off of Transformer. I can’t decide.

  • Marc Ferraz

    He made moments special. My favorite is Perfect Day.

  • shun

    Magic and Loss (The Summation). The lyrics are hauntingly beautiful …