There’s a Californian in My Cart

If Summer Roberts and Seth Cohen had a baby who took a trip to Latin America where she was aesthetically inspired before moving back to California — Venice Beach, though, not the O.C. — then that child, who I estimate would be about 9, (pretty young to travel alone but kids these days are, like, super savvy) is essentially sitting in my shopping cart at this very moment.

She keeps trying to sneak Go-Gurt in it, too, which her parents told me she’s not allowed to have. There’s the Berkeley talking for ya.

Anyway! This 9-year-old angelic spawn of Seth and Summer has personal style for days. She’s also way mature for her age. If Katie Holmes can dress like Suri Cruise and Kim Kardashian like North West, then surely I can take a few fashion hints from a made up pre-pre-tween with international frequent flyer miles, the world’s coolest parents and a skateboard.

Oh right, she has a skateboard! So now I want a skateboard — posing be damned. I’ve been looking into alternative ways to get to work now that my commute has changed and I’m terrified of Citi-biking, so what not skate?

She’s also getting me on a bit of a sunset color train: reds and oranges and yellows with hints of blue. She’s making me want a two-piece swimsuit with a top that could double as a dancing shirt that might confuse people when I get it wet (“Is that woman going in the ocean in her going-out blouse?”), a pair of white, high waist, floral embroidered jeans, denim shorts (that do not display my butt cheeks nor suffocate my thighs — incredibly hard to find), plus a pair of high top Vans.

I know, I know. The whole “Damn, Daniel” thing. But he’s a Californian, too, so he’s a part of this party and like Gretchen Wieners, he can’t help it that he’s so popular. Besides, can’t you just see this whole wardrobe story coming together?

Somebody queue up Phantom Planet’s hit song: here we come!

Collages by Giulia Scalese of The Collecteur. Check out her Instagram @thecollecteur.


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  • szq

    ugh, yes! so hard to find slightly flared shorts with a non-tiny inseam. if anyone
    has recommendations on where to a look for a cheaper pair than those in this article please let me know!

    • Amelia Diamond

      I’m actually on the hunt and will report back

  • Beautiful colorful proposals

  • Laura

    Get yoself some roller skates!!!

    • Amelia Diamond

      should I !!

  • Kelly

    Amelia, can you please get a skate board and write us an article about learning to skate??
    It’s my secret dream to be able to ride a long board.

    • Amelia Diamond

      that is actually a really funny idea and it’s my secret dream, too. sure!

  • Pia Sophie

    you should definitely get those sunglasses. but speaking of getting:
    AMELIA! get your facts straight, they never went to berkeley. (and sandy wouldn’t deny his granddaughter go-gurt? would he? although strangely i could imagine ryan being a super strict godfather!)
    unless you think they ended up settling down in berkeley. with kirsten and sandy. which would be awesome for obvious reasons. the name for a sequel would require some serious brainstorming though

    • Amelia Diamond

      I think they ended up in Berkley in honor of Sandy Cohen (but you’re so right, Sandy as a grandpa totally would let his daughter have a Go-Gurt – do they still make those?) Kiki would NEVER move to Berkley, right??

      • Pia Sophie

        didn’t she and sandy buy their old house back?? after the whole earthquake thing? (actually i’ve only ever re-watched seasons 1 and 2 and basically neglected what came after imogen heap so i’m one to talk)

  • Once again. love the images you used 🙂

  • Aggie

    YES to everything! Can I add that Ryan had a leather choker and hence was ahead of everyone? That child should have inherited it!

  • Dylana

    Such a fun post, love it!