One-Sentence NYFW Reviews Day 1: Brock, Creatures of Comfort, Ulla Johnson, Adam Selman
NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 09: Models walk the runway at the Adam Selman show during New York Fashion Week: The Shows at Gallery 2, Skylight Clarkson Sq on February 9, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images)

It’s the time of year againnn! Happy New York Fashion Week Winter Season (up this round, Winter 2017, except for the designers showing buy-now collections). Below: Day 1 one-sentence reviews. The first of many…

Brock Collection

Brock kicked off the NYFW Fall 2017 show season with the wardrobe you’d wear if you were an extravagant, elegant woman sprawled out at her home in the countryside who listened to live classical music — and there was live “classical” music, but it wasn’t classic; string instruments played wordless versions of popular songs by The Pixies, Rihanna and Drake, a little reminder that the Brock woman may be fancy, but she’s also at the bar next to you drinking a beer. — Amelia Diamond

Creatures of Comfort

There’s a really specific millennial “cool girl” aesthetic that was partially started and is now being commanded by Jade Lai of Creatures of Comfort; this season, that means sparkle tube socks with sandal slides that look like emojis and otherwise quiet shoes rendered in shades of yellow, green, navy and burgundy, not to mention the silk and velvet pajama sets, sweaters worn as scarves and waist belts and really dramatic pockets that will hold your water bottles if a handbag just won’t cut it. I know this is sentence number two, but there were also T-shirts that read, “We are all human beings” — if you wondered whether politics would pour into fashion week, there it is: light pink, sky blue and everything. — Leandra Medine

Ulla Johnson

ulla johnson fall winter 2017 man repeller

Velvet, cashmere, silk, cable knit and suede are the ingredients that make Ulla Johnson’s FW17 collection go ‘round, resulting in a cozy autumnal soup of outfits I would recommend to anyone who loves taking fancy naps — and making me seriously rethink my aversion to the word “sumptuous” (a close cousin to moist, but acceptable when placed squarely in the context of deliciously livable clothing). — Harling Ross

Adam Selman

Adam Selman did what he does best and paired pretty concepts (rose embroidery, glittering fabrics, evening dress silhouettes) with the sewn-in attitude of a girl who doesn’t wash her hair for weeks on end and 100% doesn’t care what you think about that. — Amelia Diamond

Photos via Getty Images and Vogue Runway.


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