The Broad City Breakdown: Who Had the Better Secret Handshake?

Something that fans of The Bachelor had that I didn’t was a reason to look forward to Mondays. The show offered them a ritual and a reason to be home at a certain time, because who records The Bachelor? Isn’t part of the fun watching it at the same time with all of America so that you can participate? (I don’t know. Do you record The Bachelor?  Do you delete it after? Who cares.)

I was jealous of this idea of having a reason to come home to a live TV show. It sounded cozy and like it would keep me away from the expensive evils of eating out. If I was going to choose such a real-time show, it would have to be one that couldn’t be ruined by spoilers. I work online (“You do?!”) and spoilers run a-freaking-muck over here.

SO, I chose Broad City. Everyone including my dad likes this show. I like this show — I’m just used to watching it on a 5 day delay. BUT NOT ANYMORE, HOLLY HOCKS. Today marks Thursday #1 of our Broad City breakdowns, which will essentially be treated like a book club.

The super fast recap: Abbi and Ilana travel to the Philadelphia suburbs to help pack up Abbi’s only-childhood bedroom in the house of Tony Dad-za and in doing so, they find two things: a wad of cash that was intended for (but never given to) a girl in a car crash and a JonBenét Ramsey Beanie Baby of extreme value. While Ilana works deals in Mandarin to sell the doll for about 13k on the black market, Ilana embarks on a Larry Davidian-meets-Keenan & Kel adventure whereby the whole time it’s painfully clear they’re going to use up the money, mess up the Beanie Baby sale and inevitably ruin the cash delivery. The girl who got in the car crash (Kelly Rohrbach) is insanely pretty and rich so she doesn’t need the money anyway. The end!

Today’s Important Thing to Discuss:

Who had the better secret handshake?

A) Abbi and the man in the Flatware Department from Bed, Bath & Beyond (Season 2)

B)  Abbi and the man in the Cookware (?) Department from Bed, Bath & Beyond  (Same episode, Season 2)


C) Abbi and Tony Dad-za? (This episode, Season 3)

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Cast your votes below! Can’t wait to see you back here on Thursday. Same time, same place.


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  • Julia

    YAS. Started with GIRLS and NOW WE”RE HERE!

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  • can we do recaps on fridays for those of us who can’t stay up until 10pm to watch the show live?!?!?!?!

    • Amelia Diamond

      just read it on friday!

  • Smell Best Perfume

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