Brides Throwing Cats

We’ve all seen it: the ecstatic bride, flushed and radiant with the afterglow of having just taken the marriage plunge. She raises her bouquet in the air, the cluster of entwined stems meant to bring love to its lucky recipient. Suddenly, a stampede of eager bridesmaids invades the space, eyes tracking the soaring bouquet like a cheetah tracks its prey. There’s a mad rush, an ensuing orgy of organza and silk and loose hair, and after a few brief seconds, the victor rises from the ashes with a triumphant smile. She will spend the rest of the afternoon scouting for the man who will presumably be her last.

The fading tradition, which has been perpetuated by many a rom-com (see: 27 Dresses and Bride Wars) has many brides opting out. Where catching the bouquet was once seen as an enviable achievement, it is now considered to be ridiculous and desperate. While many brides have abandoned the tradition in its entirety, some have chosen to modernize the act; passing flowers around to guests has become a popular alternative, or you can make like Kate Middleton and place your bouquet at the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior at Westminster Abbey.

Whatever floats your boat.

The point is that many women feel that the dated ritual symbolizes an ideal that no longer stands. For many, the act symbolizes a frantic pursuit of marriage and a hope that the institution will help one lead a fuller and more complete life. Thankfully, the 21st century woman is as resourceful as she is uncoordinated*, and hence, she hath created the Tumblr Brides Throwing Cats. The new site, which operates solely on Photoshop, represents one step for women, one giant ass leap for felines. Haha. (No but seriously, no cats were used in the creation of this blog.)

The best part of the site however, goes to the “about me” page on which the creator describes himself as “just a guy from Australia that likes cats and Photoshop.” So much for that post-modern feminist mumbo jumbo.


*But only when it comes to catching bouquets and garter belts

[Brides Throwing Cats]

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  • Charlotte Fassler

    “just a guy from Australia that likes cats and Photoshop.” -YES… love his earnestness.

  • Georgia

    It’s horrible and painful even though it’s just photoshop…

  • lavieenliz

    thats really funny

  • Alena Höldrich

    Someone just loves to use Photoshop..

    Have a fashionable weekend and I would love you to stop by!

    Alena | meet me stylish

  • Namrata

    Yeah cats would be appropriate and perfect. It’s a prop for every lonely woman, so cat > bouquet.


  • Wow! It’s better not to try this “at home” though, I hope people won’t get too inspired…

  • It looks funny, even though I’m happy it’s not for real haha.

  • “one giant ass leap for felines” DIED.

  • Aren’t cats so much better than flowers?.. The post is really funny 🙂 xx