Brain Break: Adorable Animals To Get You Through Friday

You are not alone if you feel itchy, violent and barraged by runway shots at the tail end of New York Fashion Week.

No way can you get mad about scrolling past an animal, though. They are the exception to the scroll-fatigue rule. You see one runway shot and you feel like you’ve seen them all; you see one animal photo, on the other hand, and the next thing you know it’s 4 a.m. and even though you said you were going to go to bed at 10:30 p.m., you are telling yourself, “Just one more minute,” while diving deep into the archives of some house-trained raccoon.

In an article our editor-at-large Verena von Pfetten wrote for The New York Times, she said that this mindless post-work scrolling is a sign that your brain is burnt out. But what if your zombie scrolls could save and rejuvenate you? Bring you back to life and take the sting out of the burn!

Ummm..I’m going to go ahead and say that these ones can? Below are the six animal Instagram accounts that act as social media CPR. Pretend that this post is show-and-tell and after I go, tell me yours, because six cool mammals are a great start for the heart but let me tell you something: I am down for one hundred or so more.


Ludwik is a hairless Guinea pig with a mustache who sometimes wears hats. Beyond the fact that he reminds me of what I look like without fake eyelashes or mascara on, I’m not sure what else you need to know??????


A photo posted by @ludwik_guinea_pig on


Monty is cat who was born with a chromosomal defect whose message to the world is that “looking different doesn’t mean you can’t be fantastic.”

Happy sunny Sunday everyone ?☀️

A photo posted by Monty with a chromosome defect (@monty_happiness) on

He is very sunny and I love him very much. A little bit too much. It concerns me because if I were to run into him on the street I would kidnap him in front of his owners. And yes, I mean kidnap not catnap because what good would it do anyone if I were to just fall asleep adorably in the midst of a cat heist?

PuiPui the Bunny, @mumitan

This bunny named PuiPui just works all the damn time!

A photo posted by PuiPui the bunny (@mumitan) on

Which means that I can relate and you can, too.

Of course, in PuiPui’s spare time, he’s a photographer. (Him and everyone else in NYC/LA, amIright?)

A photo posted by PuiPui the bunny (@mumitan) on


Squirrels tend to terrify me because I picture them jumping on my hair and then getting stuck in there like giant, furry lice (superrrrr sorry for that image) — not to mention the rabies — but I love Jill.

Jill is chill as fuck, to the point where she is basically always napping.

Can you even? I cannot.


Finally, we have Tonkey Bear, who I learned about via InStyle — not through their September issue but during a low point in my life where I Googled “new cute puppies to follow” because my dog collection in comparison to my alt-animal collection on Instagram (see above) is limited. It’s just Toast, Muppet, Pants and then the accounts my weird-ass friends made for their dogs. People are so off. Anyway, back to these animals I follow:

Pretty sure Tonkey Bear is a rare breed of dog called a Smoosh Face.

And he can read, so.

Last but not least, if actual animals are not your thing (leave)…

@SadAnimalFacts might be more your speed.

Good lord. It is just too cute.

Did your heart break? Great. Better than your brain.

See you down below. Pets allowed!

Feature photograph courtesy of Creatures of Comfort; feature collage by Lily Ross; carousel photograph by Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho via Getty Images.


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