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Attention All Bloggers: You’re Gonna Want to Read This

In partnership with Bloglovin’ and H&M; photographed by Krista Anna Lewis

Looking for a mentor for your blog? We might know someone available. Read on…

Leandra, top five and high on the list of weirdest people I know, was the first to change my perspective of what it meant to be a blogger. That used to be a dirty, word, right? Blogger. It triggered a response not unlike Elle Woods’ reaction when she got into Harvard:

“What? Like it’s hard?”

Well, yes, it is hard. Hard in the way that an intense workout is, where you kind of pant and push and make weird faces the whole way through as you ask yourself, “WHY AM I DOING THIS? I COULD BE SITTING ON MY COUCH WATCHING FROGS JUMP IN SLOW MOTION INSTEAD.” But then, workout complete, a swirl of energy begins to burn from the bottom of your gut. It radiates throughout your arms and your legs, out of your skin and up into your cheeks. That’s the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. Even if you took a knee during the tenth round of sit ups, your body, brain and soul register the job well-done.

It’s the same way with blogging. You guys know this! So many of you have shared with us your websites, YouTube channels and Instagram handles; you know that the end result is worth it, but man, can it be a climb.

I watched Leandra go from typing while cross-legged on her bed at home (kind of creepy, I suppose), to setting up shop in what was basically a large closet — that’s when I joined, when her and Abie’s coats were the view before me — to MR’s first “real office,” to a second office, to the one we are in now with 10 employees and counting.

Which is crazy, because what started as a unique point of view that Leandra realized was being underserved quickly turned into way more than “a blog.” It became a community. Like, yeah, yeah, Leandra, cool shoes, but look at these people who participate in the conversations and the stories and share their thoughts! We say this often but you guys are the core of Man Repeller.

Which is why what comes next feels so right: Bloglovin’ and H&M have partnered to find the “Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year.” It’s a global casting call for all of your talents, and the five finalists will receive… actually ton of stuff (see below) but also a mentorship with Leandra “Cashew Machine” Medine!!! She may or not wear a cape with that moniker on it.

How to enter:

You’re going to start by styling an outfit featuring one item from H&M on yourself. Bride folklore applies: It can be old, new, borrowed… blue. Anything goes! Then then next step is to submit it by June 19th.


How? Easy! There are a few options to choose from: upload it to the comment section of this post, send a link to your outfit to or enter via Instagram by tagging @manrepeller and using this hashtag: #BloglovinHMAwards16

You can also do all three if you want because WHY NOT, macaroni pot. Check out the official rules here.

And if you’re a finalist? You get…

Round-trip airfare and hotel accommodations for your one-on-one mentorship with Leandra at the H&M New York Showroom, where you’ll get first pick of the H&M Studio AW’16 collection debuted at Paris Fashion Week, plus round-trip airfare and hotel accommodations to the 2016 Bloglovin’ Awards during New York Fashion Week in September.

You’ll also be featured in a story for H&M Magazine.

And finally: a nomination for the Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year Award at the 2016 Bloglovin’ Awards, which is like blogger Golden Globes because you get to eat (all ages) and drink (if you’re 21!). It also means that you and your blog will be included on the Bloglovin Awards voting page, where readers get the final vote on which of the five finals win the Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year.

If you win that… on top of a trophy, there will be a $500 H&M gift card waiting for you.

Not to mention (but I’m gonna mention it because this feels like a birthday) and exclusive Fall fashion feature with H&M Magazine distributed globally.

…Guys, why are you still reading this? Get blogging! Get going! And good luck!

In partnership with Bloglovin’ and H&M; photographed by Krista Anna Lewis


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