Black and White

I’ve been searching far and wide for the “perfect” pair of black and white shoes and by golly, I think I found them! I’d have settled (not actually settled but been highly enthused by) on a pair of loafers, namely the very Saint Laurent ones currently on Net-a-Porter or, say, the Reed Krakoff, laceless brogues featuring a slight stack heel but when I came upon these Bionda Castana, highly feminine but slightly dramatic booties, featuring an ankle bow that appears to resemble almost anything that might walk off a Miu Miu runway I was mentally sold.

But they look familiar. Why?

Wait a tick.


Here’s Celine’s version of the black and white renegade.

The Bionda Castana booties are $660 at My-Wardrobe, and the above photographed are of the Celine variety. Where’s your preference? Either pair seemingly deserves a pair of thick black tights to compliment a flare, skater-style mini skirt.

  • Kelly Oxford

    (to be yelled like CAN’T-STAND-YA, in “The Library” ep of Seinfeld- Tropic of Cancer)

  • Celine, all the way. Not as classic, but in the best of ways. There’s something else to them that I just can’t put my finger on.

    • Leandra Medine

      Totally know what you mean. They’re deliberately..:less in control.

      • Kelly Oxford

        You like them because they are uglier.

        • Shoe-wise: Everything Is Perfect When You’re Uglier. (that was horribly executed, sorry).

      • That’s the perfect description! Because aren’t we the most in control as human beings when we’re balancing on the brink of being completely and utterly out of control?

  • jassyonyae

    I like the first one . . .I’m not feeling that little bow like thing

  • The Bionda Castana version takes the cake in my book. The Celine pair looks *gasp* like a cheap Forever21 knockoff to me. But just my opinion.

  • Stacey Freeman

    The Bionda Castana version for sure. The Celine version is almost too cutesy, IMO. -Stacey/

  • The first one if I had to choose.

  • Jane