Big Laughs, Broad City

On Wednesday Leandra semi-threatened to break up with New York. She was bluffing, obviously, and if I were her therapist I’d say she was simply projecting her anger at the weather onto her loved one. When she admitted later that it was she who chose to live in this city despite its current obsession with winter and windchill, I was reminded that we put up with this city because on a good day, it’s kind of perfect.

Actually, it’s perfect on a bad day too. The shittiest of NYCituations (ho hey word play!) make for the best stories even just a few hours after a bad altercation. We love this city for its idiosyncrasies and inconveniences, not in spite of them. We curse the slow-as-fuck-subway but couldn’t get around without it. We roll our eyes at the angry deli guy but wouldn’t get our sandwiches made by anyone else, we flip off taxis who aim to kill us and yet, when sitting as passengers inside cabs we’ll scream at sloth-like pedestrians right along with the driver.

Enter a web series called Broad City, created by two women named Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, who caught the attention of one Amy Poehler, and man do they capture the very love/hate essence of New York City. Poehler loved the girls’ YouTube shorts so much that she brought Broad City to Comedy Central, citing herself as a producer on the new weekly half-hour show.

I haven’t actually seen the television version yet, so if you have, please tell me your thoughts, but The Cut recently posted a best-of the webisodes and I fell hard.

If you have two minutes, watch this one.

And if you have seven, watch this one. There are delayed subways, sidewalk-clogging baby strollers, some random dude playing the saxophone, a pick-up basketball interlude, lost purses, cameos!, and at the end, humorous heartbreak.

It’s just so, so, perfectly New York.

[Six Reasons to Binge-Watch the Broad City Web Series via The Cut]