Tap for Fashion Credits & Watch Beyoncé’s New Music Video, “Formation”

Remember when Beyoncé scared the shit out of all of us by releasing her new song and music video, “Formation,” out of NOWHERE like a damn dove from a magician’s coat sleeve?!?

Of course it’s perfect and worth it — not sure why you’d even ask, but my heart literally cannot take one more musical surprise attack. (Rihanna, bless you for the advanced notice on Anti, that was polite and appreciated.) It took me about three watches to come down from shock, which meant that it wasn’t until the fourth watch that I said to myself:

Hold up. Is that Gucci?


Oh it’s Gucci. (Alessandro Michele, how’s your heart doing?)

As for the other looks, click through to see. Shiona Turini (@shionat) — who kept this all very low key (and by that I mean zero key) at the MR breakfast for dinner — STYLED THE SHOOT along with Marni Senofonte (who did the dance outfits) and gave me the outfits scoop.

She’s like a human tap-for-credits machine.

Now Shiona/Beyoncé, if you wouldn’t mind, kindly tell me how to best-style a Life Alert.


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