If You Need Some New Instagram Accounts to Follow…

Instagram feed looking more stale than a bag of Doritos left overnight in a damp environment tastes? Well that’s disgusting. And sad. Allow me to help:

If you love an esoteric pop-culture references that can, on occasion, inspire your next outfit…

Follow: @TheLightweights

Also good for: Waves of nostalgia, costumes that no one will understand but you will love, guaranteed Tumblr re-blogs and an endless visual surplus for those days when you have nothing good to put up on Instagram (but have that craving)


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If you like your Insta-feed to trip for you so that you can still drive home… Follow: @Eugenia_Loli Also good for: any sort of creativity block, to purchase cheap artwork for your apartment, a nice juxtaposition against @ChillWildlife

If you frequently tag your friends in random things that remind you of them…

Follow: @ImAmySedaris

Also good for: People who don’t mind when the same person posts a few times in a row, weird moods, bad moods, going “ha!” out loud thus startling whoever’s next to you, fans of @EarlBoykins, Amy Sedaris fans in general


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If you like to know your models, want to see more gender diversity in fashion and wish you were around for the heyday of Studio 54…

Follow: @HariNef, the first openly transgender model signed to IMG.

Also good for: feeling like you’re at the same party, learning how to pose, great bangs

And if you like Humans of New York but wish Larry David wrote the captions…

Follow: Millennials of New York

Also good for: Laughing at yourself


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