Oh, You’re My Best Friend

Have your eyebrows ever grown so ferociously (and then were neglected so blatantly) that the little hairs took over the space between your arch and hairline? And did your friends make so many comments about your state of Groucho Marx-ness that you finally decided to do something about it, so you called your usual place-o-wax only to find they were closed and therefore chose to enter new territory by way of a semi-sketchy place near your apartment?

Let’s say yes to all of the above so that we can assume the following things happened:

– You walked in and explained you needed your eyebrows threaded but ONLY the extra hairs — no messing with the arch.

– It seemed like the threader understood.

– You sat down. Closed your eyes. She began. You started sneezing. (I always sneeze during this process.)

– Suddenly, you found yourself confused as to why she was ripping the peach fuzz off your ENTIRE forehead. You only realized this after she’d gone too far.

– You looked in the mirror afterwards and realized: Hey! My forehead looks like a baby seal, and I like it!

– Then exactly five hours later your entire forehead erupted in teeny-tiny red pimply bumps that seemed to say, “We hate you Amelia! And now you must suffer for what you did to your skin.” (This is all rhetorical, of course. I just didn’t know what other name to use besides my own.)

Enter: Boo Boo Zap, the miracle of miracles. One swipe of the magical medicinal liquid and the bumps shrink A$AP rocky. It’s perfect for ingrown hairs, zits, those “I can feel a pimple coming” spots, and whatever the hell happened on my forehead last weekend.

It is, without a doubt, my very best friend.

[Benefit Boo Boo Zap]