Beautiful Chaos to Erupt in Manhattan’s Kips Bay
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New York City’s Murray Hill has become the immigrational hotbed for recently-graduated, higher education students from around the country. On any given week day, you’re subject to find a suited young professional leaving his or her apartment building in pursuit of the closest coffee-shop-in-conjunction-with-the-downtown-express so to successfully hit two birds with one, caffeinated stone that will find the subject at his or her trading desk before the opening bell’s ding.

On any given weekend morning, you may find an avalanche of the same genre of individual, irrevocably hung over from the previous night’s neighborhood pub crawl, roaming the short distance from 34th street to 40th street between Third and Madison Avenues looking for the largest pancakes the city will offer. There will be North Face sweaters and Ugg boots. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a pair of battered sweatpants, stamped with a University of Syracuse emblem across the pants’ ass.

What you might think you’d indubitably not find is a concept store as deeply esoteric and fashion-initiated as Dover Street Market — the famous specialty store of London and Tokyo, which has evinced and galvanized the spirit of must-watch-designer-names since its 2006 opening.

And for the most part, you’re right. Dover Street Market is actually opening in Murray Hill’s slightly less developed, but equal parts “unchic” eastward brother, Kips Bay. And in this weekend’s issue of T Magazine, Suzy Menkes breaks the founder Rei Kawakubo’s indelible silence in a story about the creatively charged Comme des Garçons wunderkind, her husband (the store’s CEO), and their decision to open in a neighborhood that at best, is known for its cloistered movie theater.

Why saturate already-highly populated space anyway? As Kawakubo put it, “without creation, there can be no progress and man cannot evolve.”

[Fashion’s Purest Visionary via T Magazine]

  • Keegan

    Syracuse University*, thank you very much

  • i actually tweeted about this earlier – i totally agree about the strange location about dover street market, and I’m in no way defending the obviously DEEEEEPLY personal style choice of wearing uggs, but must we sneer at the fashion choices of this affordable housing hotbed of young auditors and consultants? we’ve all been on the receiving end of that before, haven’t we?

    also there are a few hidden gems of consignment shops in that area 🙂