The Best Thing You’ll See All Day

The award for the best human being in the whole wide world currently goes to Josh Saunders, a 21-year-old dance instructor from Australia who has become the literal face of Australia’s Got Talent. 

Kindly observe with your volume on:

I know.

Now, what I like to do is watch this clip on repeat with the volume off. I imagine all of the things someone could possible be telling him to elicit that kind of reaction, things like, “I HATE In-N-Out,” (*Gasp!*), or, “Oprah just sent me a text and said she doesn’t like you!” I imagine scenarios that could happen to me should I ever have expression block: *Has to do math,* for example. *When you think you’re about to meet Jay-Z but it’s actually David Schwimmer,* suggested Leandra.

Sometimes I just tell him about my day, to be honest. He’s very sympathetic if not a little dramatic.

So join me, won’t you? Sorry, I mean join us. Scroll down below for Josh Saunder the Great’s reactions to a variety of weird and lovely things, then screen shot your favorite face of his and tell him something just absolutely shocking in the comments section. The best one wins his enduring affection. Is there any better prize than that?

  • Teresa

    This video gives life! That face is gold. Pure gold.

    • Corrina Dixon

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  • Sarah

    who is this man? He needs to be found.

    • Amelia Diamond

      my bf

  • I’m going to have to make a cardboard cut out of this to bring with me when I go to restaurants by myself.

    • Table for two please….

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Greer Clarke

    No. 5 is by far the best

    • Amelia Diamond

      It’s too real

  • Lolllllll this kills me

  • Georgia Booth

    This ad is always playing in Australia, never ever ever ever gets tired haha

    • Amelia Diamond

      you’re so lucky

  • Minimalistmuso

    That’s my boyfriend’s face when he finds out how much I’ve spent on literally anything.

    • joshuajackson2512

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  • Chloe Bruderer

    Nailed it as always Amelia

    • Amelia Diamond

      He nailed it, Chloe. I am but a messenger of his great work.

  • hahahahhh, what a humorous face I ever seen before, thanks for nice post

  • Claudia Tetreault-Percy

    I am sitting in my terminal at LaGuardia and cannot stop laughing – everyone around me thinks I am crazy. It’s wonderful. #thejoshlife

  • Alyssa

    you’re the father

    • Krista Anna Lewis

      “Luke, I am your father”