Let’s Hear it for Literal Arm Candy

Why is it that when I think of Fashion Week in Milan, I always find it much more serious than Fashion Week elsewhere? These women have so much fun the jovial spoils of their adventures literally hang from their sleeves. Case in point: this editor, with her candy bracelets plus hearts and what appears to be a time-insensitive watch face.

But I have two questions:

1. Who is going to be first to immortalize candy necklaces and bracelets and turn them into gold rivets replete with colored sapphires or diamonds? Someone has to do it, no? I vote Delfina Delettrez — it seems consistent with her brand so she’s likely most capable to execute accurately, but my brother, of Khai Khai, will make obtaining the necklaces and bracelets far more convenient (if not cheap).

2. Who is going to be the first to take the immortalized, literal candy-as-jewelry and hamster-wheel that shit right back to its incipient position as candy-in-earnest, worn as jewelry for points of irreverence and simultaneous cool?

I vote myself. Which really runs counter to the plan I mocked up for question #1. So, I guess we’re back at square A, then. Shall we get DIYing? $7 for a pack of twenty-four

[Street Style via Style.com]

  • Nick

    1) Tom Binns. He sometimes does fine jewelry.

  • It’s Viviana Volpicella – only the most stylish woman in Italy and probably the world 🙂 And I so agree with you that fashion week in Milan is better and has waaayyyy more stylish streetstyle people than the other ones (even Paris) and CERTAINLY than NY (sorry). I’m from Europe so I can say this haha. Also I would love to see you wearing giant lollipops as earrings dare you? 🙂 xx

  • I’m actually wearing a candy arm party in this. That was taken last year and it was the tastiest accessory I ever wore. People judged but at the end of the day I won because I was the only one with a snack on my wrist.

    • Leandra Medine

      love thizzzzzzz

  • GiaK@StonedSoulUrban

    Your writing, things you pinpoint and say, inspires me!!! I’m speechless! Thank you!