5 Things to Hashtag This Afternoon
JaredLeto and Jimmy Fallon Man Repeller BOI Feature

By now I’m confident we’re all familiar with the meaning of #OOTD, that round little series of letters. But why should our daily hashtags be constrained to just outfits? I’d argue there are millions more things-of-the-day worth tagging. Here are five.

1. #MOTD: Music of the Day goes to Banks and Ariana Grande

Banks is known for her haunting vocals and deep beats and her latest song does not disappoint. The musician “Gemini Feed” off her upcoming album yesterday.

Yesterday Ariana Grande gave us two new bids for the song of the summer. The singer released “Voodoo Love” and “OG Honeymoon” and both are as happy and pop-sugary as the she is.

[Nylon] [Billboard]

2. #LOTD: Look of the Day goes to Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Man Repeller BOI Feature

At last night’s State Dinner for Singapore, Michelle Obama stunned in a beautiful white gown by American designer and stylist to Lady Gaga, Brandon Maxwell. She looks faintably good. As in I almost fainted.

[New York Times]

3. #DOTD: Dance of the Day goes to Serena Williams

Serena Williams proves that the tennis court isn’t the only place she gets down with this dance tutorial for Self. So maybe turn on some Ariana and follow along to perfect your dance moves, just in time to see Williams kick some booty in Rio.


4. #LolOTD: LOL of the Day goes to Jared Leto and Jimmy Fallon

Jared Leto gave Jimmy Fallon a scare on Monday night when Leto brought Fallon a gift on the set of The Tonight Show. No spoilers here, but let’s just say that if I were Jimmy, I would have tried to run offstage, too.

[High Snobiety]

5. #OmgOTD: OMG of the Day goes to Kim Kardashian and Heidi Montag

Last night on The Hills: That was Then, This is Now, Lauren Conrad revealed that before Kim Kardashian was breaking the internet and throwing shade at Taylor Swift, she was trying very hard to secure a place on The Hills. Luckily for all the non-believers out there, Conrad came prepared with video footage of Kim K chatting with Heidi Montag about jellyfish. So good.

[US Magazine]

Feature photograph by Cheriss May/NurPhoto via Getty Images.