Are You Right-Brained or Left-Brained?

Or maybe, like me, you’re both-brained. (That’s the scientific term.)

According to this really fun 30-second test, you can find out which side you use more based off a quick series of questions and tasks that sort of make it look like you’re having a very mild epileptic episode, which will be entertaining for your desk-mate, if nothing else.

Take the test and tell us in the comments, and then more importantly tell us if you agree with the results!

[Brain Test via Sommer + Sommer], Illustration via Interact Creative

  • Quinn

    There are so many tests out there about this type of thing. Another popular one is the quiz telling you if you are an extrovert or introvert, you know ENTP, INFJ. We did these a lot in Sophomore year when we had to figure out our prerequisites for college. As much as I love talking about myself, I just never bought the idea that a quiz could tell me about myself more than me realizing things because of experience. Nonetheless, I think whatever science behind this is pretty interesting.

    • For me, the Myers-Briggs E/I N/S T/F P/J test has been really useful for group projects – after I took it with studiomates in college I immediately understood why I worked so well with half the class, and automatically avoided a few students who ended up my polar opposites on the test (and they tended to do the same for me). I also found that most of my best friends are one of the rarer types, and that my significant other is “soulmate” type to my own – awww yeah.

  • Aubrey Green

    78% left-brained. I think it’s pretty accurate, surprised it’s not a tad smaller of a percentage though.

    Funny because my boss actually tells me to use the left side of my brain more, haha! I will have to show him this.

  • Both-brained. Now, how do I get to be More-Brained? 🙂

    • By reading this here blog I would assume. Idk I’m trying it and I think just engaging in as many non-Level One conversations as possible always helps. The question is when does my engaging in intellectual conversation really just reflect in my being a potential pseudo-intellectual? Probably always.

      • LOL … I must agree: reading this blog is good for one’s brain. Now … would it, like, have a disturbing effect if I … you know … erm … admitted I am quite good at … pseudo? Pseudo-intellectual utterances, pseudo-cooking and pseudo-sports are my top 3 abilities. That and modesty. 😀

  • 62% right-brained.

  • This was interesting and a little fun too. My test results told me I was “right brained” It makes sense because I’m left handed (^_^)