Are They Hot Dogs or Are They Legs?

Tumblr provided the gift of irony earlier this weekend (and has since garnered over 8,000 twitter shares as evidenced by a plug in at the site’s lower left hand corner), begging the most hard hitting question to smack us this summer: are they hot dogs or are they legs?

Instagram has no doubt provided extensive fodder for a healthy plethora of memes, spin-off memes, articles on the art of distilling a sunset and selfies, but we’ve got to hand it to the creator of this particular tumblr, no one has asked as important and true a question since we had to wonder if #tbts looked better in Toaster or Valencia.

[Hot-Dog-Legs via Tumblr]

  • HA! This just made my morning a little brighter…and gave me a craving for hot dogs.

  • LuceBuona

    Hahaha you really got me with this title! The 4 second frame of this page loading really had me wondering what you may be talking about!

  • Ehhh! Okay, that pic is totally making me cringe but somehow I can’t look away. I have to know… are they HOTDOGS or are they LEGS?!

  • Camille

    hilarious! and great post title by the way. it’s always nice to start the morning with a laugh!


  • Hahaha those are straight up jenny-O’s. I VOTE HOTDOGS