An App a Day Keeps the Bad Outfits Away

There are a number of acceptable activities one can perform in public. Breathing is a good example; walking is typically another. Waving at friends, crossing streets, putting groceries in your designated cart, thinking internally — all of these are totally fine.

However, there are some things I have recently learned are not okay, such as subjecting an entire subway to your proposed wardrobe for the week via a PowerPoint presentation and one conveniently portable projector. The strangers of underground New York City made it abundantly clear they do not care about my outfit anxieties at 9 AM.

Which is exactly why Leandra and I have both taken to the Cogitation Station in the past: to see if our outfits are flashy or trashy, and then in the comments section we let you decide. But we can’t always do this, and you can’t always do this! Close friends don’t necessarily cut it opinion-wise. Instagram is for sunsets and food. Captive public transportation audiences, I now understand, are out.

We can’t forget that we live in an App-for-That Age, though. In fact I’m sure there’s an app that allows you to create apps. But the kind of app I currently need is the kind that can replace curmudgeon-y commuter “stylists” with a slew of people who are willing and able to answer me with a simple, friendly “yes” or “no.”

Apparently I also need an app that tells me when “an app I need” already exists — FittingRoom has been hanging in the i-Thingy store serving the aforementioned purpose. It’s similar to Instagram in that you follow people, they follow you, you both upload pictures and then find yourself stuck in a black hole of feed-scrolling. But it’s unique in the sense that everyone’s there to ask, “How do I look?”

And they’re also there to tell you honestly, or give suggestions (“Good, but try a red belt instead”) or offer shopping tips. What I’ve witnessed from my own jaunt with FittingRoom is a community of people who are happy to participate, and I can only imagine that the more people who join with an opinion to share, the better.

As opposed to, you know…my fellow 1 Train riders.

Check it out, stick a feather in your cap, upload a picture and call yourself Hanky Poodle Dandy. If you find me on there, feel free to tell me like it is. And if you see me on the subway — save me a seat?

Part of a collaboration with FittingRoom App.