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Are you feeling uninspired by your Instagram feed? Is it lacking nutrition both figuratively (you know, brain nourishment) and literally (because you unfollowed everyone who posts açai bowls, carrot sticks and avocado toast)? If you answered yes or no or anything in between, put on your jersey and join the team: San Francisco-based fashion illustrator Gretchen Röehrs is about to do a fruit-layup.

Her account has nothing to do with basketball, by the way.

But it has everything to do with food and fashion. Röehrs marries the runway to the edible with her mixed-media drawings. She’s officiated the ceremonies of Sonia Rykiel to lemons, Rei Kawakubo to oyster shells, Jason Wu to peaches and once made a gown out of swiss chard. Her use of farmers market finds is so original and playful that I, for one, am tempted to chuck my smoked salmon across the room just to see where it lands and hope it turns into a really artful picture I can upload.

So what are you waiting for? Put on your shishito pepper harem pants and follow that illustrator! Unless, you know, you have better suggestions — we are always looking to learn.

Follow Gretchen on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. You can also visit her site here.