Imagine All the Coins

Every winter my crying sweaters, sick of the torment that comes with a faulty prong, convince me that I am over jewelry. What inevitably follows, though, is warmer weather, less clothing, and a told-ya-so hankering that I swear whispers you could never get rid of me for ass-loads of jewelry.

Of course, the jewelry in question changes intermittently. The rave-style camp beads of childhood became the thick metal and crystals of near-yore. Those became layered delicate separates, chiefly produced in fine materials and most recently, perhaps culling from the last two genres of au courant jewelry, I can’t stop thinking about gold coins.

Cascading down my neck.

Creating metal circles of sweat on my chest.

And dying me green.

But looking so cool.

So much so, in fact, that to think about what you will wear, in addition to the coins, is to be excessive.

They play a leading role. And with the help of Kenneth Jay LaneBen-Amun and Etsy, they’re a feasible role, too. It should, however, be noted that every time a penny is nearby, my dad reminds me that their government-allocated value is less than their cost of production so should one want to DIY, I will not stop you and in fact might help you.

In it to win it or should I shut up?

Text me, bye!