All Hail Betty Halbreich

Well tie me down and hit me with a bag of bird seeds! If only I was sure that year 85 might look a bit like Betty Halbreich, whose recently released memoir is slated to become a television show under the watchful eye of Lena Dunham and HBO — then I’d be much more adamant about eating my vegetables and limiting coffee/alcohol intake.

Master internet-gem finder Mattie sent me this clip as published in The New Yorker last Saturday which details Halbreich’s history with Bergdorf Goodman (where she was the first personal shopper and continues to hold court) among other things like The Great Sequin/Tomato Debate. (Just watch it.)

It’s unusually fascinating to feel nostalgic about an era you weren’t even part of and yet, there it is, smacking you right in the face while Halbreich waxes poetic on the inauguration of ‘casual Fridays’ and that which makes a personal shopper good at what s/he does. (Hint: you’re supposed to be wearing so many different people you can’t even talk about it.)

[Still Asking Betty via The New Yorker]

  • brunetteletters

    I would of loved living back then where people were much nicer and life flowed easily. I love how she mentioned that there were things she didn’t learn in college, yet still she was strong enough to learn by herself.
    She’s so classy and elegant! Great to see older women inspire us this way.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • I feel like this was a collection of Betty One-Liners. Rough things inside Bergdorf Goodman and nap times to tomatoes and sequins to farm-stands and not dancing… Figure that one out, eh?