The Alexander Wang x H&M Campaign is Here, Plus More!

Take a break from complaining about the rain, and talk about this shit instead.

1. LOOK: The Alexander Wang for H&M campaign is here 

The sports-inspired clothes are modeled by new supers Joan Smalls, Raquel Zimmermann and Isabeli Fontana, as well as actual professional athletes. [Fashionista]


2. STREAM: James Franco has another project 

SNL gave him unprecedented access behind the scenes, so he directed a documentary about the making of an episode. [Vulture]

3. SWOON: Victoria Beckham gives a tour of her new London boutique

It opens today. Also, she has a mantra she repeats to herself constantly throughout the day: “I know what I want.” [Elle]


4. SHAKE YO’ HEAD:  Jersey Shore’s The Situation indicted for tax fraud

He he didn’t pay taxes on nine million dollars. More importantly, he made nine million dollars!? SMH/Pump My Fist. [People]

5. GAWK: Thick-maned Goddess of TV Connie Britton flips her hair 

There are GIFS, and then there are GIFS of Connie Britton. It’s almost Friday. You’re welcome. [Buzzfeed]


Before you go back to work — weigh in below with your thoughts on the Alexander Wang for H&M campaign. I, for one, am regretting my decision to skip ice hockey tryouts back in the day.

  • Hmmmm, not sure if I am feeling the Wang X H&M collection as much as I had anticipated I would! Maybe a little too sporty for me in terms of everyday wear. Athletic clothes put me in a different headspace, so paying a good amount for a piece of Wang-labeled gear doesn’t seem like a natural next step for me.

    Can totally see some LES girl rocking that Wang tee, on a skateboard, though.

    • Shelby Soke

      I’m with you on this one. Although I think I was so thrilled over the announcement of collab that it would be hard for anything to meet some expectations. I’m still curious to see the pieces in real life and mixed with other things.

  • I love the sporty vibes from Wang as always!

  • Shauna King

    I need that dress(period)

  • Apucks

    eh… diggin the fitted pieces, but few of us mere mortals can pull off those oversized puff balls

    • Kayla Tanenbaum

      Looking like a puff pastry is in, I hear.

  • This jacket just seems straight up inconvenient. It looks like you’d need to buy it its own seat on an airplane. But it also looks like you’d be able to smuggle a large amount of candy/drinks/an entire popcorn machine into a movie theater, so there’s that

    • Kandeel

      or it would be good for a canadian winter ://

      • Élora

        Agreed. My winter jacket looks exactly like that…

  • Abigail

    “elevated sportswear” is one thing, but neither goggles nor breezers strike me as chic regardless of whether you’re an athlete or a narp. i could get behind the hockey jersey, however, for a post yoga layer or just looking like a bad ass at the gym…

  • Kelsey

    That jersey is badass! The collection made my mind jump to Under Armour’s “I Will What I Want” campaign. Hooray for celebrating athletic women!

  • Helen Bichsel

    I want it all

  • Does the jacket on the male model come with the male model ? Just curious … and very single


  • I like the GIANT helmut strap buckle as a belt buckle. Go go go!

  • Kandeel

    Not a huge fan really…I was pretty excited about this collab (I also predicted it haha) but it seems pretty cool and sporty

  • MSCFBeeches

    Finally. Now maybe the debate can end over what “FEMINIST” attire really is. I think this fits the bill, no?

    • Maartje

      I really hope this is a bad attempt at a joke.

      • MSCFBeeches

        Don’t worry, just a little sarcasm.

  • This Alexander Wang x H&M collection looks cool, I like the sporty/dark inspiration

  • Tate Smith

    I think Parsons should have a holiday on November 6th………

    I know this could never happen but I really, really, REALLY wish it was Alexander Wang x Zara

  • I’ve been looking forward to the Alexander Wang x H&M collection all year but judging from these promo pics, I’m definitely not impressed!

  • Hmm. While I’m easing into the whole joggers as actual leave-the-house-pants, this sportiness goes to a level that I fear my uncoordinated self dare not go. I’m all for strong, stark urban wear, but this collection feels too cold even for this Berliner.