Alexa Chung Makes a Case for the Lamé Midi Skirt

Gucci say, fashion do.

At least that’s how it feels, right?

But what happens when multiple designers are tuned into the same exact frequency? For Fall 2015, which is available for purchase effectively anywhere you can buy stuff, Loewe, Gucci and Christopher Kane showed their own versions of a pleated metallic mid-length skirt. So does that settle it? All hail the dead pant to consider the holiday skirt that keeps on giving?

When Alexa Chung wore the Gucci version with a striped cashmere knit of the same collection, she made a pretty strong case for it. So much so that it might seem kind of hard to attempt recreation without the literal pieces at hand. But make no mistake, if there is a will there is a way.

And where there is a way there is a market editor thumbing through racks maniacally.

So here’s a quick breakdown of how to do it yourself.

First, we find the skirt. The cited designers are showing theirs at a price gamut that runs between $700 and $1700.

Tess Giberson, on the other hand, will give you a silver version for $297. Rebecca Taylor has your back for $495 (and is my choice, personally). There’s a $60 version from J.C. Penny, too.

Great! With that out of the way, let’s talk top. The bright striped sweater is great, but I might recommend two starkly different colored tops layered one over the other in lieu of it. Figure a yellow turtleneck and an orange cable knit, or a red sweater with a pink turtleneck. You can also go HAM and contrast with another form of metallic shirt (like, for example, this funnel neck from Topshop) and then include a run of the mill navy or black or gray sweater over that. Historically, I’m also never above a striped long-sleeve t-shirt. Let’s just stay away from button ups here, yes?

So to summarize, that’s: different colored layers paired together.

Mas metallics.

Or stripes.

As for the shoes — the best part! — there’s really nothing a pump won’t do for a skirt that needs its help.

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