5 Things You Didn’t Know About Alexa Chung

There’s so much you already know about Alexa Chung: She never met a pair of overalls she didn’t like. Overalls feel the same way about her. Her perpetually undone hair never seems to flop in the wrong direction, or tuft in an awkward way. She loves a collar. Cat eyeliner is her thing.

But are you hungry to learn more? Always.

To sate your appetite, here are five fascinating pieces of lesser known AC trivia — straight from our latest Oh Boy Podcast featuring the model/designer/TV personality/professional awesome person — to impress your internal fact-bank.

1. None of her goals involve a squad.

Why not? “[Taylor Swift] has already got it sewn up — she stole everyone!” However, she’s intrigued by a new app called “Squad,” which is like Tinder for making friends. As of now she hasn’t downloaded it, but not to worry! Her two main friendship requirements are 1) laugh at her jokes and 2) be available to meet her at the pub after work. Easy. Done. Who’s in?

2. She is three-eighths Asian.

The daughter of a British mother and father who’s three-fourths Chinese, Alexa’s used to fielding confused questions about her heritage. “People still now will tweet, ‘Are you Chinese or something?’ and I’m like, ‘No, definitely, I am!’ And at the airport, if [the pick up car] says ‘Chung,’ when I approach, they ask for ID.”

3. All she wants is a spaghetti strap tank top, but hates “going out tops.”

Even if they are coming back in! “There’s something about [the look] that upsets me. I went into Isabel Marant yesterday and I saw this nice red blouse — but then it was so, like, You wear that with jeans. I want to make things look interesting together and not be so spelled out.” (Spoiler: She still bought the shirt.)

4. But she loves pale yellow mohair cardigans.

That is, if she can ever find one. “I’m trying to manifest it into being. It has to be a combination of Kurt Cobain, that MTV Unplugged thing, this Miu Miu cardigan I saw once that was lemon yellow, and fluffiness.”

5. When it comes to surviving the winter glooms, she has a good trick.

“I start fantasizing about summer outfits — yesterday I started assembling bikinis. I just really like the idea of what I’d wear somewhere sunny.”

Congratulations! You’re now an Alexa Chung expert. Go buy some fuzzy citrus-colored knitwear to celebrate.

  • Bee

    This was my favorite episode yet. Leandra and Alexa are both so entertaining, it was perfect to hear them together!


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  • l:ly

    She is 100% the most lovely gem of a human being on this planet. <3 ultra babe life inspo forever <3

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  • Alison Syrett

    Anyone else inspired to help Alexa on her mission to find a fuzzy yellow cardigan? Suddenly am questioning how I’ve made it so far in life without one.

    • Haha! Same. I know the exact shade she is talking about. Although she never mentions it.

  • Tess

    Don’t worry Alexa, I’ve got you covered.

    • cuffers27

      That second one is AMAZING

  • louise


  • Love Alexa Chung!!

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  • She’s the best!! Didn’t know any of this, btw haha


  • Claire

    Alexa is 100% one of the coolest girls EVER! I love learning more about her and looking at all of her outfits for inspiration!


  • I just read her book. Apparently people were really upset about it – since it didn’t tell them the meaning of life or something. I really like her style. Anyone who wears flats (I am a heels girl) on the red carpet has my vote!


  • Leah

    That outfit with the neckerchief and silver boots is ????

  • Meg

    I’m obsessed with her. You know when you’re a kid like 10,11,12 whatever and there’s the cool “older” girls like 16,17 and you just feel you can’t wait to grow up and maybe be as awesome as them? I’m still waiting to grow up to be Alexa Chung.


  • keta

    I love her so much, such a perfect human being. And even though they broke up her and Alex Turner’s couple was and still is the coolest and chicest couple

  • WesternCvlztn

    Ok but is she really with Skarsgard is what I really want to know..

  • Great interview…