Abrooching Another World’s Accessories

When I penned that story, Do You Really Want to Dress Like a Bowl of Lucky Charms?, I renounced the pastel-pink-padded days of yore and lime green details and purple knee pads.

It was October, fall and winter were still but a mere drop in the bucket of novelty and frankly speaking, I just wanted to wear black.

Black and navy and charcoal grey and maybe once the liquid in the aforementioned bucket reached its brim, I’d have been okay with white and ivory.

I felt like an inflated version of a spokesperson for The Row plus or minus a few thousand dollars worth of thread count and that made me feel cool, which, of course, is exactly what it always boils down to: coolness.

But I think I’m ready. For those lucky charms that is.

This isn’t to say I’m looking to jump back on an electric bandwagon that could potentially re-render me a neon sheep of Fashion Week. But I don’t want to look so plain. Maybe I should say normal — I don’t want to look so normal. And a good way to combat that kind of monochromatic malaise, I think, is to place a greater emphasis not really on reacquainting my wardrobe with rollicking color but rather, on accessories. And where bib-style necklaces will fail — and trust me now, they will — or an arm full of bangles might present a grave fate for your sweaters, you know what won’t?

A brooch.

A brooch!

Why has it taken this long for this totem of old world glamour to seep its way into our unapologetically informal lifestyle? We’ve brought everything else back from the dead — hair flips, red lips, art-deco style pearls. And for a people who have proven themselves masters of the disconnect (in fashion, Birkenstocks are best served with silk slip dresses, am I right?), why haven’t we resolved to pin things to our sweatshirts? Or to the pockets on our jean jackets?

You know, I bought a small linen table cloth decorated by embroidered daisies when I was in Croatia last month. I figured I would wear it as a sarong but when I realized my hips were too wide for it to be tied around my body, I took to Etsy, found a brooch and boom shaka laka: problem solved. So consider this a call to action — let’s solve all our problems.

  • GapToothedGirl

    I’m convincing myself that they’re lucky…So I over wear them!!
    XOX, Gap.


  • Blue Labels Boutique

    Brooches are a good way to accessorize clothes. But you can use them to accessorize shoes, bags, hats…all kinds of stuff.


  • I have so many amazing brooches passed down from previous generations. I never think to wear them, but I am doing them no justice my merely keeping them in a box.

  • My mom has a thing for brooches which we both share ever since but then the minimalist trend came and I forgot about them.. What a shame.

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  • I’m afraid I treat brooches in quite a Barbarian way: I cut off the pin, put a chain on it and wear it around my neck … Their chain potential is also the only reason I buy brooches – some of them are too beautiful not to.

    • Antillanka

      If it works that way for you, it means it can work the other way around! Alcessa, dear, you just gave me the best idea to recycle those necklaces I won’t use anymore!! 😀 thanks!

      • Yes, of course! Recycling is everything! 🙂 Very happy to have contributed.

  • The struggle I have with brooches is that they fall off and I loose them. I would love to invest in a nice Chanel brooch but know I’d loose it the following day lol.


  • I adore this and have been thinking about brooches so often lately. I saw a bride’s bouquet adorned with them – but I think it’d be a beautiful thing on an infinity scarf! Thrifted of course.

    Warm Regards,

  • o0o0ouUUu that moon one

  • Sam

    I’m totally obsessed with brooches right now! I already have several that I have inherited, but I am loving the more modern, edgy styles that seem to be popping up everywhere too.


  • Jamie Leland