A-Z of Dance

Am I allowed to use the word “dope” or does that make me sound like Aunt Cathy after an MTV binge?

Whatever, I’m getting cheese fries and using the word because this. shit. is…


(Also, can you guys do any of these? I’m practicing “Z” now.)

[A-Z of Dance via i-D]

  • Aubrey Green

    I love this. I really loved the Rumba – I think that would make me nauseous.

  • NinjaCate

    Finally! Some actual twerking. This video was pretty awesome, can’t deny it.

  • Quinn Halman


  • Dreamy! I’m only doing Zumba for the moment…


  • Savannah

    Can somebody teach me the pole dance? They were all so good! Except for the “Q” dance, I don’t know what that guy was doing. He seemed out of it.
    Team Man Repeller should totally do a mini rendition of this video. Now that would be GREAT!

  • steph

    Love this. And no shame in dope.

  • Joy

    Well done video. Amazing dancers. Really disappointed though that all the black women were demonstrating vulgar dances really only appropriate for the bedroom . Just in case some weren’t aware … as a group we dance way more diverse than that. Ick.