A View From the Back

Photographer Erik Madigan Heck has paired once again with The Cut to create an absolutely beautiful, virtual spread that proves the symbiotic nature of fashion and art.

This isn’t a typical take on Spring 2014 clothing. The craftsmanship, detail, pattern and design are the focus, rather than a tangible “outfit” styled on a person. “By framing a series of richly decorated silhouettes from the back,” writes The Cut, “Heck counters the common inclination to pass instant, face-value judgement on a designer’s proposition.”

In Heck’s world, the model is not the focus. But it’s not about the labels, either. The clothing — the art — is the focus.


Click here to see the full shoot and then for fashion’s sake, come back and tell us your favorite shot.

[Spring in Reverse: Detailed Backs Take Center Stage via The Cut]

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