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Fresh on the tails of D.E.A.R. day comes a new book about fashion, straight from the mouths of the people who know it best: the designers. “The Pursuit of Style” is a culmination of colorful advice, wise words and anecdotes from the CFDA’s 400-plus members.

The best part, in all honesty, is that it can be consumed in printed sound bites, like little fun-sized Snickers of industry musings. It’s exactly the time of thing to keep next to your work computer when you’re bored and need a moment of quick distraction or inspiration:

“To me, classic style is: a god-given gift.” – David Neville

“My style muse is: a strong, confident woman with an independent point of view.” – Tess Giberson

“Every woman should own: A white shirt (preferably with monogram), great jeans, a perfect blazer, a good watch, a trench coat, simple black shoes, a cashmere sweater, and a really new toothbrush.” – Jenna Lyons*

*It should be noted that she also provided the same exact list for what every man should own, except instead of a new toothbrush, she suggested a good nose-hair clipper.

My favorite is a quote is by Olivier Theyskens when he realized he could do what he loved for a living: “Someone told me that it was an actual job to create clothes.”

You know what? Someone once told me the same thing about writing.

[The Pursuit of Style: Advice and Musings from America’s Top Fashion Designers]

  • I love flipping through books like this when I need a little inspiration boost during the day!


  • “You must study the classics before you can knowingly add your own funk” My favorite.

    “URBAN FESTIVAL STYLE” Blog post at:

  • Grace

    DEAR is genius. Thanks so much for making it an event!

  • darring_usa

    I just ordered the book, and am excited to never put it down.. even though Amazon said I won’t get it until a month from now 🙁

  • I’m excited to check this book out. But why is the cover so unbecoming? There must be 500 better cover options. And, yes, I judge a book by its cover. Doesn’t everyone?