5 Things That Are Still Funny

There are jokes that are meant to wear out and die, and then there are those that surpass the theory of Darwinism and thrive. These are this week’s survivors, alive and well and doing the damn thing:

1) Gizoogle 

Gizoogle was dropped up in 2005, went away up in 2011 n’ then came back from tha joke cemetery up in May 2013. Now, over one year later, it remains just as funky ta copy/paste yo’ entire MBA dissertation ta re-read it up in tha voice of Snoop Ta Tha D-O-Double-Gizzle. Especially when mah playas is tryin ta work.

2) That time everything was big.

Tell me you did  not look at this and laugh, and then tell me you did not just glance back again and laugh. [BuzzFeed]


3) Clickhole

Current quizzes include such gems as, “How Well Do You Know the Words to ‘Hey Ya’?” and, “Who Gives a Fuck?” Also on today’s Clickhole roster is an article titled, “What To Do After The Job Interview When You’re Standing In A Closet That You Thought Was The Exit.”

4) Bridger Winegar

Two recent gems includes:

5) When Oprah Released the Bees

This > Her lame “Favorite Things” list of 2014.

Ok. We did it you guys. We reached 5 PM on a Thursday, which means it’s almost Friday. Now share your shit that’s still funny below.

Image shot by Mario Testino from his book Let Me In

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