The Fat Jewish Gets Pretty

In yesterday’s panoply of videos to watch to help make Wednesday go by a little bit quicker and potentially smoother, Emilia seemed to leave off a promotional short that Beautified — a beauty bookings app founded by Hannah Bronfman, DJ and nail art extraordinary — put up loosely in tandem with the app’s launch.

It stars The Fat Jewish running around town booking services like a bee books honey (I’m sorry, what?) and features cameos by emerging New York furniture (human edition) such as Theophilus London and Dree Hemingway. It also includes around 4 seconds of me, not fortuitously in the setting of a waxing salon’s waiting room, where I spend more time than any self-respecting woman should. Also where I think my most morbid thoughts.

That is neither her nor there, but if you want to talk about it, I’m around. On another track, I suggest that you watch the video, let us know what you think and raise your glass full of pretzel bread if you laughed. (If you didn’t, crack open that bottle of 3 o’clock snack wine, take a swig, then watch again).

Feature image via the New York Post