4 Instagram Style Stars to Follow Before Everyone Else

There’s a secret group on Instagram that I like to call “the ethereal club of black Instagram style stars.” Secret in that I’m the only one who calls them that — these aren’t the Insta-famous, online celebs you already know, but you should: their style is otherworldly. These women are likable for reasons that are hard to pin down, although it just might be that they’re smart and aren’t afraid to be themselves.

Something I realized in February while singing about my otherwise unsung fashion icons is that black style is about throwing caution to the wind. Members of this ethereal group do just that. But how do I do that? How do we do that? I asked the women of this underground club about their relationship with style and for their advice to women interested in the industry.

@celialeeroach, Celia Lee Roach, Founder of needle+thræd

(via @celialeeroach)

You’re in for a sartorial treat with Celia Smith’s Instagram. She is a fashion chameleon. On a Wednesday she might look like she stepped right off of Gucci’s fall 2016 runway (in look number 53, to be exact). On Thursday, she might evoke a vintage Parisian feeling with her outfit: L’ecole des Femmes T-shirt, high waist jeans, an Isabel Marant sailor cap and bright red Robert Clergerie boots. Oui.

Her advice: “Don’t get stifled by seeing everything through the lens of color. All women want to look and feel beautiful and that’s what makes us no different from one another.”

@spicy.mayo, Yaminah Mayo, blogger, model and all-around cool gal

(via @spicymayo)

I want to be Yaminah Mayo’s friend based solely off of her ‘grams. For Yaminah, getting dressed revolves around her hair .”If my hair is on ‘fleek,’” she told me, “I’ll gravitate toward a more minimal outfit with a cool silhouette. If my hair is in need of a lil’ love, I’ll emphasize texture to distract the masses.” A woman after my own head and heart. Her advice industry career advice: “Pay your dues, do your research and hone your voice. The latter two are pretty self-explanatory, but I started out thinking that paying dues was being Andy Sachs in Devil Wears Prada and it’s not.”

@clothesconscience, Tanya Jean-Baptiste, Blogger

@clothesconscience, real name: Tanya Jean-Baptiste, blogger

Tanya has what she calls a “girly” aesthetic. But don’t be fooled by the pretty minimalism and high heels; she’s serious about her comfort too. Her favorite pair of jeans are falling apart (she and I have that in common) but giving them up isn’t an option. To Jean-Baptiste, it makes them all the more perfect. Her advice: “Intern, intern, intern. That’s how you get your foot in the door, make connections and figure out what you do and don’t like. Also, be prepared to hear a lot of no’s before any yes’s.”

@vanavain, Vanessa Lundy, Fashion stylist

(via @vanavain)

Vanessa’s attention to detail and knack for mixing prints is insane. She has this green faux fur thrifted coat that I think we should all band together to steal. Her advice: “Look the part and show up!”

Honey, I’m here!

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  • Steph

    Wow! These woman are, no other word, fierce! Beautiful

    • Romelia Finch

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    • Kurie Fitzgerald

      they rock xo

  • stefanie schoen

    These women are awesome! I am also obsessed with @wardrobebreakdown – her hair, use of colors and jewelry are totally inspiring. I love seeing something new and different on my feed!


    • Amelia Diamond

      Just checked her out because of you and she is awesomeee

  • Wow … so beautiful!

  • Aydan

    those frecklesssss!!!! So cute!!!

  • Ahh I like! Fearless, super cool and so channeling their individual creative vibes. Is it bad that I just about followed all of them in less than 10mins?

    • Kurie Fitzgerald

      not at all 🙂

  • Savannah

    I LOVE everything about this post. Another reason why I continue to follow Man Repeller.

  • Heygirl6

    This post is a jewel! Once again, thanks Man Repeller for being so on point!

  • Claudia Tetreault-Percy

    This is an awesome post. Always love getting to know a few new Instagram accounts that are for real. Thanks MR! They girls are WOW!

  • lovedlovedlovedlovedlovedloved this – I only knew about Celia and now i’ll just be scrolling down instagram for days

  • Loving these ladies and their style!


  • Rachel

    Yes! I’ve recently gone through a bout of unfollowing flat lays and flat people and I have been looking for real people with real style to follow (aside from all you awesome MR ladies). Thank you for finding and sharing these beautiful accounts!

  • Liz Miller

    I love their natural hair and curves… it makes them so beautiful and unique! I’m tried of skinny white women with straight hair. Awesome style!

  • OOlufemi

    All these girls are so dope. Thanks for sharing!