WATCH: “Avant-Garde Red Carpet”

It’s that time again!

A brand new episode of In The Mood, brought to you by, Conde Nast Entertainment and my weird self, is live and ready for your viewing pleasure. This week, we tackle the ever-ominous debacle that is “avant-garde” red carpet dressing. And when they (I?) say red carpet, what is meant ultimately, is any event that requires a black tie dress code.

When you think black tie, you think gown, right? So, how does one opt to look different from the rest of her surroundings when there is a 75% chance that her surroundings will be dressed in stuff that is long, too?


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  • GapToothedGirl

    I love you taste, all the outfits have a sparkle, all in differet ways!

    Can’t wait for the nex-one!

    Love, Gap.

  • Jen

    love it

  • monkeyshines
  • Tayler


  • Hannah B.

    Totally irrelevant, but I know before you had stated you don’t drink or eat dairy. Just out of curiosity, are you lactose intolerant or is just preference of taste? I’m also asking because I think I might be lactose intolerant (self-diagnosed) and I wanted to know what are some side effects that happens to you, if you are, when you consume diary.

    • Leandra Medine

      Hey! I’m not lactose intolerant and never really responded negatively to dairy. I just cut it a little less than a year ago because it creates mucus in the body, cancer cells feed on mucus and I am very afraid of getting cancer. I have however noticed that I’m no longer as lethargic as I used to be/my energy levels are higher and stay higher for longer periods of time. This might also be because I exercise, which is a relatively new advance for me as well.

      • Kirsten

        Hi Leandra, I’m wondering where you heard this idea?

        I’ve studied nutrition and we look at diet and disease risk all the time and this has never been a recommendation for people to follow in order to reduce cancer risk.

        I have two qualms with this idea. Firstly, if mucus feeds cancer cells then it would only be of concern if you already had cancer. Secondly, I’ve never heard of any cells getting there energy from mucus? Cells (cancerous and non-cancerous) get their energy from a process called the Citric Acid Cycle in which glucose is converted into ATP.

        I understand that mucus is present when cells are repairing themselves so maybe this idea you heard is more about the fact that mucus helps damaged cancer cells repair and multiply therefore helping a tumour grow. I think the mucus can also protect the cells and inhibit medicines reaching the cells. But if this is the case you would only need to consider cutting out dairy if you already had a malignant tumour.

        • Kirsten

          Also Leandra, I know you’ve said you’re “nuts about nuts” so make sure you eat Brazil nuts as they contain high amounts of Selenium which has been shown to reduce cancer risk

    • Aubrey Green

      Hi Hannah, I’m lactose intolerant and my symptoms mainly include bloating and constipation (a lot of people have the reverse of that though). If you still want/choose to have diary, they have lactaid pills that are over the counter that work well.

      • Hannah B.

        Hey, Thanks! I’ve noticed that when I consume diary, it causes excessive flatulence. Like the really bad smelling kind. Whenever I’m off diary, I never have the problem, so I’m not sure if that falls under the category of being lactose intolerant.

    • Charlotte

      Hi Hannah 🙂 Same for me. I have never tried lactaid pills though. Thanks!

    • Inkygrl

      I’m lactose intolerant and dairy gives me er, “the opposite” of constipation, to put it delicately, and just terrible stomach discomfort and cramps. I cut it from my diet years ago, though I can occasionally have it in small doses. Lo-fat products seem to be worse, I’ve read that fat helps with digestion but I dunno…good luck! Luckily there are some great alternatives, almond and soy milk, the company “Silk” makes the best soy yogurts I’ve tried, Whole Foods has them.

      • Hannah B.

        Thanks! Will definitely try the Silk soy yogurt. I really like their vanilla almond milk.

  • Elisa Taviti


    xx Elisa – My Fantabulous World

  • dittoduffel

    I dig it ALL!

  • Louise Palazzo

    I did like your dance. Who wouldn’t?

  • Charlotte

    I already said it this morning on YouTube. Brilliant 🙂

  • Julia Tambor

    I love this video! and this outfit!

  • Kate Wilson
  • Alexa

    Hi leandra love your posts,they get better each time, i have a question – are those the 100mm heel? Thanks!

  • Alexiada

    Dear Leandra [love your name:D], I have a while since I’ve discovered you and let me say, you’re outstanding. You’re natural talent in mixing garments and you give me courage, in everything 🙂 I think your voice sounds peeerfect in series.The way you dance, so natural, haha, you rock! and I think that you are also a delightful person.{[ I would love to have the opportunity to meet you [no worries, I’m not a freak, haha:))just that I admire you.]} Kudos for you and for all your work. Wishing you joy and health.

    • Alexiada

      also the way you write, awesome, ha 😀

  • hahah love thiiiis x

  • Martina Lunardelli

    I loved it, I love the way you are. You are a C R A Z Y genius and I adore it! keep on going!!

  • KayaQuintana

    Damn, great awesome legs!

  • Alejandra

    You’re wonderful!

  • Lucy

    Leandra please tell us the brand of the tassel fringed jacket, it’s simply amazing!!!!