Have More Fun Showering with This Curtain

Oh humanity, I know you’re sitting at your desk right now thinking: what feckless thing can I buy from Amazon right now? Hmm? But stop your cogitating, would you, because I FOUND SOMETHING GREAT FOR YOU TO BUY!

For the last two hours, there’s been a mysterious Amazon tab open on my browser. I’m not quite sure how it got there, leading me to believe that this omniscient tab chose me and not the other way around but I have no regrets.

So, are you ready for it? Y’all ready for this?



A SOCIAL SHOWER CURTAIN! But don’t worry, I don’t mean that it will chat with you or answer the dumb ass questions you ask yourself while you’re in the shower (frankly, that alone time is where most of my best, uninterrupted thinking occurs. Had it not been for the shower I took one day in 2010, who is to say that Man Repeller would have ever come to fruition?). But I digress.


As you can see, this curtain is social in the same way that the anterior’s media is. It gets it own Facebook page (or so I’m inclined to think) replete with a telling news feed cataloging recent friendships, status updates not unlike the ones your uncle Bob might share and 1,069 photos which officially makes it (him?) a more robust “social” individual than I am.

The only con is that the curtain comes with a weird man plus shower cap attached to it but then again, YOLO.

[Social Shower Curtian via Amazon]