On Mules! Again!


It’s me.

Just have a question that I want to run by you about the (distantly) imminent Spring/Summer season (I know, I know, we’re in the throes of a climate that evokes the necessity to essentially wear throws but the only way to get through this is to look forward), so, if you have a minute, can I ask it?

I will take the silence as a YES I HAVE A MINUTE! And here goes:

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 12.54.50 PM


Are you going to adopt this trend? I ask because I am deeply interested — as I have been since I first saw that Victorian-cum-Turkish Bathhouse pair at an Oscar de la Renta show about three seasons ago — and I quite like the pink Gianvito Rossi pair pictured here. The pink coat trend never really picked up but maybe, just maybe pink shoes and furthermore mules will? I look forward to their discomfort and the click-clack sound that they will indubitably make when I walk. I anticipate wearing them with denim cut offs and with white high waist skinny pants and also maybe with dresses, though to be honest I always prefer a more substantial shoe with dresses.

They remind me of being a kid and loving clogs and it just occurred to me that what I’ve done is not ask you a question but try to audibly make a case for the shoes for myself. Of course, I won’t bite the bullet just yet. It’s still JANUARY and they’re not cheap but I’m thinking, I’m thinking.

Are you?

Call me!

  • Lib

    Yes yes and thrice – YES!

  • Kristina

    Yes! Mules are my it shoe for s/s and I already purchased a pair in black leather.

  • Penny Lane

    I work in shoes and this is just a trend I cannot accept…….(yet).


    • Perry

      Then sadly, you need to quit your job.

      • Penny Lane

        Haha. That’s quite harsh, n’est pas? It’s MY personal opinion. I don’t think it is necessary to dismiss my style for what is merely a trend.

  • The color of the pair you are showing make me want to get a pair of mules. Never thought that day would come, BUT we will see if I actually do.



  • Carola Disiot

    wow!!! cool shoes!



  • Dominique
  • Stefanie

    I love them, but they’re so hard to walk in, right? I mean, I could live in stilettos, but with mules, I really do worry about spraining an ankle! I have a couple of pairs that I never wear. So sad!

  • Aubrey Green

    I really like them, but not sure if I will ever purchase them. I can wear them all year because I live in California :).

  • I think I may jump on the mules bang-wagon this season. I already have a pair of mule sandals. But, I’m feeling like I “need” a pair similar to the ones you have pictured here. Hmmmm

  • dustUP

    It’s very entertaining to see you guys getting excited about something for the first time. Personally, I prefer these over strappy sandals, but i still need, or not, to make peace with dainty stiletto heel of this height. The issue is not even comfort, but predictability. And that is not the issue here.
    They would look great with midi bottom types of skirts/dresses,pants and different heel.

  • Julie

    No no no noo….

  • not feeling it so far…haha but might look nice on other people

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  • I never liked mules even back in the 80s or 90s, BUT you never know, if a really sexy pair (hard to find) come across to my eyes, I’ll give them a try.

    “Modern Mod” Blog post on:

  • Mia

    If you have to ask, generally the answer is no, but because that’s likely insufficient -when you look back at pictures and say “what was I thinking?” Mules come to mind-

    • mia

      not quite sure how all the weird formatting ended up there, ooops

  • Love these and I love it that I had the perfect knock offs, bought on eBay, a few years ago: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-O6RNefxqmOg/TgDXofSRFHI/AAAAAAAAJww/-Tx9TK63IeI/s640/04-06-11%2B%252B%2Bmilani%2Blipstick%2B%252B%2Bebay%2B208.JPG Such a shame I don’t have them anymore.

  • Possible alternative to wearing flip flop sandals at the office hmmmm


  • Guest

    A resounding Yes! And I will start with these-

  • Annie Bumgarner

    A resounding Yes! And I will start with these…

    • Leandra Medine

      Ooooh, what are these?

      • Stef

        That’s exactly the same question that went through my mind!! Oooo what are these? Please share!!

        • Stef

          Found them! Jeffery Campbell – http://bit.ly/1jbEDa3

          • Annie Bumgarner

            Thanks Stef- and sorry for the delay. Glad you found them!

  • madeleine

    I made so many post about the mule on my blogs it’s ridiculous… So embarrassed.. No really… I am.

    I love that shoe. I feel like Gianvito Rossi is like the mean bitch in school who always wins the shoe game and then this super nerdy Celine comes and totally surprises everyone with this insane geometry heeled mule (closed toe) and all the ovaries are like WOHAAAA!!!!!! And all the mastercards go: Wah-wah-wahhhh.


  • Cristina Rico Pedrosa

    Arghh!!! No way. Definitely they are not for me. See my little story at La Última Tentación de Eva: http://laultimatentaciondeeva.blogspot.ca/2014/01/replying-to-man-repeller-oh-no-mules.html

  • Abby

    Just snagged these babies. More like a mule/sandal. Gianvito Rossi.

  • Abby