Sweet as Candy

How, I ask you, HOW is it possible that every single time Charlotte Olympia does something, I am filled with equal parts utter envy and enthusiasm.

On the one hand, I just want to bash my head into a wall for not having thought it first but on the other, I want to participate, I want to indulge, and more often than not, I will admit, I want to act like an asshole, call the proposed item in question (either shoes or a bag) “delicious” and eat it the hell up. Just gobble and gobble until my stomach can no longer retain the suede stitching and plastic, kitschy phone dial.

Most recently on the roster of UGH-I-WANT-ITS!, a pair of rather plebeian blue suede platform pumps that feature the gold stack heel and have become highly emblematic of the Charlotte Olympia brand. To be honest, actually, I’m not all that crazy about the shoes so much as I am what they come with: a pair of candy-inspired ankle bracelets that are to be used as ankle straps though don’t have to be should you decide you’d like to wear them otherwise. Won’t you decide you’d like to wear them otherwise?

Think of how many interesting incarnations of candy-as-real-jewelry can be had springing off this one artifact. The chokers, the rings, the ear cuffs!

The world is our oyster folks and you, Charlotte Olympia, are its pearl.