27 Ways to Be a Grown-Ass Woman


Today is the last day of Grown-Ass Woman Month on Man Repeller, which means you’re probably reading this through exceedingly mature and evolved eyes. How does it feel to be so grown? You look great.

In case you missed any stories or want to take a walk down short-term memory lane, here are the 27 pieces we wrote so that each and every one of us could feel properly grown. Or, at the very least, less alone in our collective adult womanhood.

For your home and health…


How to host a dinner party

The essentials for building your first home bar

Nicole Chapoteau’s grown-ass apartment

Confessions of a neurotic hypochondriac

Gel peels are masks you can see working

Harling lived like Hillary Clinton

For your heart and brain…


Leandra’s afraid to grow up

How Haley (me!) finally learned to be content

This is why you feel like an imposter

Does your birthday make you sad, too?

Let’s talk about sexting

17 women wrote haikus about losing their virginity

How to stop drinking on dates

For your style and beauty…


What is your outfit template?

How to wear a leather jacket without looking like everyone else

Dare to make an impression with your clothes

Clean your closet once a month

5 outfits to try for fall

Lipstick is the avocado toast of makeup: everyone likes it

For your work life and social life…


How to dress for a corporate dress code without falling asleep

A career book for women that does not suck

6 things Leslie learned about how to manage people

Social menopause: have you gone through the change yet?

Four former mean girls tell their side of the story

How to tell if a friendship is over

Leandra hates being on her phone all the time

How to give and take a compliment

Good luck, lady!

All images via Man Repeller.

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