Bye January: 21 Things That Changed Us This Month

You may have noticed our theme at Man Repeller this month was Change. Leandra kicked it off by recommending several ways we could channel our 2016-was-the-worst attitudes into making January the best month ever. One might call that a bit of an uphill battle, political climate all considered, but maybe steep slopes are the ones that inspire the most spirited attitudes. Perhaps now more than ever we need to believe in our power to and the power of change.

Through this lens we covered a lot of ground: womanhood, activism, identity, resolutions and self-improvement. If you find yourself with a free afternoon (just kidding, I know it’s 2 a.m. and you really need to go to bed), scroll around below and see if anything catches your eye. How are you when it comes to changes in yourself, others, the world? Perhaps we touched on something this month that speaks to that relationship.

On change through womanhood


I’m a Mom but Hate Being Called One

How to Turn Your PMS Around

16 Haikus on the Horrors of Puberty

On change through activism

Womens Day March Inaugeration Trump Chetrit Man Repeller-247

The Women’s March Paints an Optimistic Future for Feminism

Hope, Skepticism, Honesty: 22 Protestors on the D.C. Women’s March

Forward Into Light: A History of Marching Women

On change through identity


Getting Dressed Helped Me Find Myself

What’s Behind Our Fear of Change?

Why I Stopped Caring About Being Cool

The Power of Personal Lingerie

I Dressed Like Kim Kardashian For a Week

5 People Living and Thriving on the Gender Spectrum

On change through resolutions


We Asked a Teen About New Year’s Resolutions, Fashion and Music

5 Women Are Letting Us Track Their 2017 Resolutions

New Year’s Resolution So Whats

On change through self-improvement


I Did 30 Days of Yoga and All I Got Was Peace of Mind…Oh Wait

How to Make January the Best Month Ever

12 Instagram Accounts to Unfollow in 2017

How to Be Unemployed

1,000+ Easy Ways to Be Your Best Self

Confessions of a Former Celebrity Gossip Addict

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