2014, Really?
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The Girls season three teaser is quite literally a tease.

If we’re going to get tit for tat, some might argue that it is straight up cruel to accrue a large selection of what seem like Instagram-filtered images, format them for a YouTube video, throw that shit up and in the duration of a full 30-second-mystification period that has – no doubt – elicited at least some excitement from us truly, squash all dreams with a note that explicitly creates a buffer that will last at least five months before we are officially reunited with those Bushwick dwelling loony tunes.

You can watch the montage here, just stay put and commiserate or┬ábecause over-achieving is what you’re good at: do both.

[Girls Season 3: In Production Tease via YouTube.]


  • andrieya

    so in cold, snowy, crappy february–we have to watch them frolicking in montauk and eating ice cream and beautiful NYC park lawns? le sigh.