17 Contradictions for Your Consideration


Tomorrow is the last day of December, of 2016 (!!!) and of Contradictions Month at Man Repeller. It was an apropos theme with which to close out the year, if for no other reason than this New Years seems to be less about the anticipation of something good, more about the anticipation of passing something shitty. Like taking out the trash with a jump in our step.

It was also appropriate because we spend a lot of time at Man Repeller peeling back the top layer of our lives and unpacking the stuff that doesn’t quite line up. In the most critical of lights, our world is just a pile of annoying and lovable contradictions. They can be funny, confusing or kind of beautiful. Let’s review…

We asked and answered some important Qs…


Why Do Women Still Wait for Marriage Proposals?

Why Do I Feel Compelled to Share Stuff Before I’m Ready?

Why Do We Experience Decision Fatigue?

Is Crying at Work Okay?

Can You Be Your True Self at Work?

Is Our Reliance on Soap Making Us Sick?

Tackled some fashion conundrums…


How to Wear Bows Without Being Like “Ugh”

3 Ways to Make Your LBD Feel Alive Again

I Stopped Treating Shopping (and Life) Like a Competition

How to Wear Knee-Length Skirts When You Hate Knee-Length Skirts

And explored some of our everyday contradictions


Popular Advice That’s Impossible to Follow

8 First-Generation Kids Tell Their Story

The Things You Realize While Watching Titanic as an Adult

Holidays When You’re Half Jewish, Half Catholic

Baby It’s Cold Outside is Actually a Feminist Anthem

I Refuse to Feel Bad About My Phone

I Lived Like the Exact Opposite of a Victoria’s Secret Angel

You can dig around the whole archive here. Happy New Year!

All imagery via Man Repeller.

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