14 Ways to Make a Commitment


This month was all about commitments on Man Repeller. Making them, breaking them, philosophically unpacking them…basically all the stuff we do at 2 a.m. when we are feeling particularly vulnerable. Like I mentioned in this month’s writers club prompt (what’s a commitment you regret making?), commitment, as a concept, is kind of fraught these days. A lot of us are flailing at the intersection of having too much information, too much distraction and a whole bunch of agency we can’t be trusted to wield (I ate half a pint of ice cream to “soothe my sore throat” last night). So our desire (or perhaps inability) to make choices we can really throw our weight behind is a deep well worth exploring. But like, safely. (Wells scare me, I’ve seen The Ring.)

Anyway, take a scroll down short-term memory lane below and read everything we wrote this month about commitment. ‘Til the end of this story do we part.

Strawberry Sugar Detox Man Repeller-4 v.2

On committing to New Year’s resolutions

On committing to a no-pants winter

On committing to not eating sugar

On committing to cleaning our your camera roll

On committing to a better living space


On committing to not committing

On committing to moving to New York

On committing to finding the perfect breakfast

On committing to being single

On committing to dressing up for dates

Dating as a Child of Divorce Man Repeller Feature

On committing to talking like a baby (if you want to)

On committing to love, despite your parents’ divorce

On committing to getting over your ex

On committing to your partner

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