12 Horrifying Halloween Walk of Shame Stories

Do you know what else is horrifying?  Leandra in this makeup.

It’s Friday, which means you survived Halloween and made it into work or class; though whether or not you were on time is irrelevant at least where we’re concerned. And we are also going to assume that when you did arrive, you were (and therefore are) wearing whatever attire is considered appropriate for your place of money making or brain growing.  Maybe you showered, maybe you didn’t. Maybe you’re still wearing last night’s witch costume and just threw a blazer over it. We don’t judge. You do you.

Sometimes, however, post-Halloween goers do not fare as well. Between the abundance of sexy fill-in-the-blanks and people dressed as themselves-but-dead, hookups are bound to happen thus increasing the likelihood of weekday walk of shames. And there’s nothing to actually be shameful about — except, however, that on the day after a costume party it’s pretty hard to act like you dressed as a pirate, on purpose, for a Friday meeting.

So whether you’ve been there, done that or love stories about the people who have, sink in, grab your coffee, and read through The Cut’s list of 12 horrifying next-day walk of shames, costumes and all.

[12 Horrifying Halloween Walk of Shame Stories via The Cut]


  • Brie

    didn’t shower. no regrets.

  • cön

    got-laid parade sounds a lot better xd

    • Amelia Diamond

      my friend calls it the walk of fame, but i’m going to add this one into our vocab.

  • 25highClothing

    I can’t imagin how it’d feel to walk into work, after having came to the Halloween party in a ridiculous costume like a hotdog, or member of the opposite sex. Ive never had that walk of shame. but I can laugh at just the thought!

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