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I’d forgotten the virtues of a robe since I last wore one regularly, when I was at college and they were the best option for navigating a communal bathroom post-shower. Back then, terry was the way to go — it kept everything modest while doubling as a towel.

Now, on day 60-whatever of quarantine, I find myself getting out of the shower and simply putting on a robe—and not necessarily terry cloth! What I’m talking about here is the robe as an outfit. There are cotton options, fancy silk ones, quilted ones, and even robes that double as dresses. During a time when I’m not going outside, the robe provides a comfortable easy outfit without committing to getting fully dressed — like a coverup to keep on indefinitely. Sometimes putting on another pair of sweatpants makes me feel hopeless and uninspired, but the non-committal robe doesn’t do that to me. Not to mention, it’s an item that you keep and wear for years.

Follow along below for the world’s easiest dressing item.

Terry to Wick it All Away

The classic towel-y robe wicks off moisture post-shower but is also totally acceptable to wear hours after said wash. My favorite is this Weezie that—while expensive—has maintained its top condition for years. This Snowe robe wicks moisture away like magic; I like it in medium-gray. The two picks from Brooklinen and Parachute are fan favorites—both at $99—and are really cute for couples robes. For a less expensive option, I was super impressed by the quality and thickness of this one, which I got for photoshoots. This $30 robe is nice and sturdy; the wrist-length arms help it stay out of the way while I’m doing chores. Happier with a hood? Try this groovy striped one or this lavender one. If you want a fun color, The Company Store offers a veritable rainbow. I feel obligated to share this $60 tie-dyed robe—it’s fleece and exceptionally cozy. Finally: This printed one is like an entire outfit in a single robe.

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Cotton as the Perfect Middle Man

Olivia von Halle robe — similar here

Don’t need your robe to double as a towel? I recommend light-weight cotton. My favorite is from Lunya—I prefer the short length for easy leg movement, but it comes in a long version, too. This Coyuchi robe in an organic cotton jersey is similar. Eberjey’s version is like the black-tie version of lounge robes, for under $100. For a variety of colors, this one has pretty piping (and is just $23.99!). Natori’s thin, flowy, easy-to-wash robe has high customer ratings. This shorter one is $38 and comes in a pretty, summer-y seafoam. Speaking of summer, I love the beachiness of this Brooklinen style. For some print: This Liberty of London-print robe! And this Cuyana version with two front pockets in heather-gray pima cotton is basically the utility robe—the cargo pants of robes, if you will.

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Feeling Like A Million Bucks

When I want to feel like Moira Rose, I opt for a luxurious, silky robe. Lunya tops my list again, with this cleverly designed robe with elastic-cuff sleeves. Then there’s this one, which comes in a slew of jewel tones and is just the right length. Speaking of jewel tones, what about this mini sapphire one? I’m in love with this lace-trim snake-print one from Torrid, available in sizes ranging from 00 to 6X (we should all have the chance to feel so luxuriously glamorous). This ladylike printed robe would go great with a cup of tea, caffeinated or not. This one from Etsy comes in several beautiful prints, but I especially love this cheery yellow. This one from Intimissimi and this one from Naadam are SUMMER CASHMERE and on sale, people!

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The Interchangeable One: The Dress as Robe

Since by now I’ve convinced you to wear your robe around your home all day, why don’t we go a step further and wear our robe in public! These are patterned robes in everyday fabrics: cotton, linen, and the like.

This yellow linen one could be worn open or closed with proper shoes and some necklaces. This one from Etsy is technically a bathrobe, but I could very much see myself wearing it over a white cotton set. This green one comes in a plethora of other colors. And this one with the fringe trim is technically a dress but basically a house robe. Also technically dresses but interchangeable as robe-wear: this one from Three Graces or this embroidered white vintage one. Venturing back into linen territory, this striped one is 70% off and its mandarin collar would convince any Zoom meeting that you’ve put a lot of thought into your appearance. I would picnic in the center of my apartment The Song of Music style in this gingham number from & Other Stories. This vintage crinkle satin number with ruffle trim sleeves is perfect for a walk. And brace yourself for this one-of-a-kind quilted robe—and $28! What an incredible find, if I do say so myself.

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What one-and-done items are you wearing around your home these days? Give me some ideas to marinate on in the comments below!

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