The Outnet Sale Is Scratching My Shopping Itch in a Big Way

Like my pinky toes after a long, chilly winter, my urge to shop is just beginning to thaw. I confirmed this interest was, in fact, on the verge of a full-throttle return last weekend when I was watching¬†Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on the couch with Austin and missed half the movie because I was so preoccupied with scrolling through my phone, contemplating various purchases that would complete the outfit ideas percolating in my head. Huge loss for Harry, Ron, and the gang–big win for my fantasy shopping cart.

I’ve been trying to be more mindful of my consumption, though, and to that point, the only items I’ve purchased in 2020 have been vintage. If I am going to invest in a new item, I prefer that it’s something I know will last a long time–something that is well-made and high-quality. Since quality often goes hand-in-hand with expense, sales are usually my best conduit for finding nice things at a lower price point.

The height of sale season is still yet to come (she whispered ominously), but to sate my current craving I’ve been perusing the pages of The OUTNET clearance sale that launched yesterday. In fact, I’ve spent enough time combing it over the last 24 hours to consider myself an expert on the contents that lie within, so if you happen to find yourself in a similar mood, scroll down to see a curation of the best stuff, according to yours truly.

Jackets for When You Can Finally Walk Out of Your Apartment Without a Coat

Raise one hand if buttoning up your puffer coat is starting to feel like the emotional equivalent of climbing Everest and raise two hands if you’re itching to stick them–fingers, wrists, arms, and all–inside something a little more lightweight. There are only very short slices of the year when we have the weather-induced privilege of enjoying just-a-blazer season, before it gets too brutally cold or too blisteringly hot, and I’m planning to make the most of it come April. I think scoring an 83%-off blazer from The Row would really get me in the mood, but the added bonus of dressing like an Easter egg wouldn’t hurt either. What is painful, however, is the fact that there’s only one of these 88%-off Rosie Assoulin jackets left and my ethical code is compelling me to share the link because it’s TOO GOOD NOT TO.

Dresses to Wear While Engaging in a Serious Courtship With Vitamin D

Early spring is an extremely flirty time of year, with the oscillation of temperature creating a figurative will-they-won’t-they effect between you and your skin-baring wardrobe items. It’s also just more conducive to courtship in general, an antidote to the hibernation instincts that descend along with winter’s pervasive grayness. I can’t wait to take my spring dresses out on some long-overdue romantic getaways, and I’m tempted to add some new suitors to the pile, like this silk wrap mini that would look so good with flat strappy sandals, or this $134 poplin one that would look so good with crusty baguettes in the park.

Tops for Going Out, or Staying In–Whatever Floats Your Boat

Speaking of ceasing hibernation, the going-out top circuit is about to rev up once again, a time of gladness and good tidings when steps are peppier and iced caffeinated beverages taste like blissful drugs. What a time to be alive!!! I love this $72 off-the-shoulder top SO MUCH and wish my size was still available (side note: is off-the-shoulder coming back because I think it is?). If I were looking to splurge, I would do so on this incredible broderie anglaise top from Chloé, but this long-sleeved blouse from Rosetta Getty is more reasonably priced and probably just as satisfying.

Shorts Because ‘Tis Almost the Season!!!!!

If you’re sensing a theme here and the theme you’re sensing is that I need winter to be over like I need air to breathe, you’re onto something pal. Shall we talk about shorts? You might remember them as pants with post-breakup-worthy haircuts. Ringing a bell? Regardless, you’ll probably reacquaint yourself with them soon enough, starting with this delightfully long pair that would look so cool with boots and a cable-knit sweater while it’s still chilly out, followed by these with a tunic and loafers as soon as it gets even remotely warm. Just a suggestion! Feel free to tweak according to taste.

Shoes Glorious Shoes and That’s All I Have to Say About That

You can’t have an outfit without some shoes, unless you’re inside or on a beach or living in a nudist colony–in which case I guess you don’t need an outfit at all, but let’s assume there’s a need or at the very least a desire, because otherwise these discounts are gonna go to waste. I try not to pick favorites, I really do, but these platform mules from Marni are without a doubt my most beloved sale discovery child. They’re $175, which is more than 80% off their original price, and they look comfortable enough to walk from home to work to home to work and so on and so on for the entirety of April.

Anything else you’re eyeing? Other sales you’re shopping? Do tell.

Feature photos by Edith Young.

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